“Government of the people by the people for the people” (Abraham Lincoln). It means that the form of government elected by the people, for the people to attain their rights. It’s well known that the word “democracy” originates from ancient Greece and means, “power of the people”. Democracy is not the law of majority but the protection of minority. Democracy is the only form of government in which the will of the people is reflected in administration, in another form of government all the power is concentrated in the hands of one person or group of persons who carry on the administration irrespective of the people’s wishes. The role of citizen becomes extremely important in a democracy. They have to be aware of their rights and know that what they should expect from their elected representatives. They aware the problems of their region as well as of the whole country. Only they can understand whether the government is taking the right step for their welfare or not. Democracy also means that all citizen are free to express their opinion in public. They can freely criticize the government if they feel that it is not discharging its duties properly. They can even oppose its policies, but peacefully, without resorting to violence or breaking the laws. The government, on the other hand, is expected to give due consideration to the views of the people speaking out against cannot take steps to prevent them because that would be undemocratic. In my opinion, democracy is a system in which people are aware and active (politically)to change the leaders .when the leaders don’t do what they were supposed to basically the single most important thing is that people are eternally vigilant and keep eye on the rulers. This form of government attaches greater importance to quantity then to quality democracy of basic human rights to every individual person, any social groups(especially religious institutions) and other persons ,separation of powers between the institutions of the state: Government (executive power), Parliament (legislative power), and independent courts of law (judicative power) ,freedom of opinions, speech, press and mass media, religious liberty, general and equal rights to vote( one person one vote),Good governance (focus on public interest and obscene of corruption).it means supremacy of law overall. Under any circumstance law can be compromised. Law is supreme and all the citizens are equal in the eye of law, no one is above law. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we don’t follow these rules and claim that we have a democratic and an elected government. It’s a transformation of government from one group to another group which is called democracy in Pakistan. It’s, not a democracy, its worst dictatorship. Pakistan is an Islamic republic and majority of resides are the belief of Islam. The role of a Pakistani Muslim is very important in Pakistani model of democracy. A Muslim believes in the oneness of Allah and the end of Prophet Hood and thus they obey their orders strictly. Pakistan came into being as a result of strong Democratic movement under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam. The Pakistani movement was based on Muslim rights of independence and the real implementation of democracy was one of the objectives of the establishment of Pakistan .Quaid-e-Azam described the objectives of the establishment of Pakistan as “Let us promote ‘democracy’ according to the Islamic principles”. But it is a dishearten spectacle that within a period of 65 years, Pakistan has not proved himself as s Democratic state in its true sense. Democracy proved itself nothing but a failure. Implementation of democracy was one of the objectives of Pakistan. However, democracy cannot succeed in Pakistan. Because it’s political leaders, bureaucrats and feudal landlords will never let democracy flourish. Moreover, basic democratic traditions of equality and freedom are not followed in Pakistan. Now if we have a glance at the history there are many causes of failure of democracy which includes illiteracy, lack of democratic culture, parliamentary form of government but the main is corruption. In the democracy, the poor people will have more power than the rich because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. Now after going through on democracy I ask the very simple question, where the protection of life in Pakistan? The answer will be obvious as we all know that there is no protection of life in Pakistan, especially in last 8 years of the so-called democratic period. Where is the power of the poor in Pakistan? Nowhere, where is the equality in wealth, power, rights and religion? The answer is again clearly negative. Now I would like the quote of AUNG SAN SUU KYI: she says, sometimes I think that a parody of democracy could be more dangerous than a blatant dictatorship because that gives people an opportunity to avoid anything about it. The main responsibility for democracy lies with politicians. Firstly they are not sincere with their jobs

Their jobs and are unfaithful to the state. Secondly the Pakistani political leaders are so incompetent that their policies keep failing. People vote to the politicians with the hope of that their elected will act as their faithful leaders but the politicians do not act as honest leaders rather they act as corrupt and disloyal politicians whom ambition lie in filling their own pockets with public money. Political leaders are responsible for playing games with people of their own benefits. They have destroyed the purpose of creating an independent homeland of Pakistan by giving rise to favoritism and corruption. As far as I concern, it’s a fake democracy and it has nothing to do with the poor people. In Pakistani democratic system, the elected leaders do not regularly visit their constituencies as they are least bothered of public issues, most politicians contest elections on the basis of fake degree’s. This clearly depicts dishonesty of political leaders. Moreover, politicians are not interested and unable to find out the solutions to the nation problems. Even since the creation of Pakistan, the same political parties stayed in power .our most of the political leaders are feudal lords who have established their identities as political leaders. The feudal lords keep people at arm’s length and treat them as their slaves. The former community is under control of their feudal masters, can have no other option but to vote for their masters. Here the spirit of democracy is this way, the elections are of no use since the peasants will only vote for their feudal lords under their pressure and democracy will be worse than dictatorship. Supremacy of feudal class is destroying democracy as well as national integration which itself essential for democracy. As for as Pakistani democratic system is concerned, it has failed to achieve either equality or freedom among people. There is a clear evidence of inequality when people have to pay bribes in order to get themselves a job. There exists no merit policy while making appointments and discrimination on the basis of caste, social status and even gender have eliminated the whole concept of democracy. Here rich can easily exploit the poor. Very few educated people join politics and assemblies, but most of the uneducated people sitting in Parliament who can’t build a democratic society or proper lines. In a democratic state, the opinion of each citizen is respected and given due importance. The citizen has full liberty to criticize the working of government. Whenever someone tries to raise his voice against the government, he is pushed back instead of going forward. When the true meaning of democracy has not been fulfilled by the Pakistani government, it cannot declare itself as the democratic state. The accountability process is very important in a democratic state which results in clean and fair working of the executive. However, there is no system of accountability in Pakistan. Every incoming government makes big claims about accountability, but no effective step has been taken in this regard. The corrupt bureaucrats and politicians always escape from punishment due to no accountability process. A large number of politicians and government servants who have been known to be allegedly involved in activities like corruption, but no effective step against them. Under these circumstances where there is no accountability process, democracy can never flourish. Government of Pakistan has been proved the worst ever in its is because it has given rise to unemployment, inflation, poverty and economic crisis. Health and education sector is in their worst condition. There exist no equality, freedom and rule of law in the country which are basic norms of democracy. In Pakistan, democracy has only resulted in corruption, bad governance, institutional imbalance and low living standards of people. Democracy is unsuccessful due to incompetent leadership and political policies .moreover, the bureaucracy and feudal system have abolished democracy further. The Socio-Political atmosphere in Pakistan doesn’t support democracy at all.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan democracy means: the parliamentarians taking steps for their (own) welfare such as illegal money, properties, promoting nepotism and favoritism. Transfer of power from one democratically elected government that had completed its tenure to another is the symbol of democracy. However, in Pakistan, all of its previous democratic transitions have been aborted by military coups. If democracy is so bad than dictatorship then why do they still have? Democracy is here now in a failed and a flopped has become just a slogan of exploitation in Pakistan and nothing else. A democratic government is required to do provide justice, social welfare and security to the public. But in the present setup, the government has not perceived or made any such integrated package for the nation. On the other hand, corruption embezzlement is in full swing now. There is no security for the citizen and people are being killed like rats in the name of target killing. Suicide due to poverty and unemployment has become so common now.  There are no jobs for youth and employment for them and they are underutilized. But issue is that our democratic rules are not divine and we as a nation elect them. Such leaders just exploit people and they secure their vote bank in the name of democracy. Our leader’s assets that they are for the people but actually, they entertain their vested interest only. Provision of social welfare, education and justice are not their priorities. Our political leaders just focus on to secure Swiss bank account, flats in London and VVVIP protocol. VVVIP protocol .where is the true democracy? Is the way we selected the leaders or is the way they actually run the government? Is our prosperity important or the system? Is the system built for the people or the people are made for the system? The citizen of Pakistan is the important component of the democracy in the country. They choose their leaders through voting and the leaders then steer the government in their own way. If the citizen can be blamed the government that the democracy in Pakistan is not working well. Then they are the one who responsible for the selection, so they are the base of the system. They should select the people who are really eligible or more capable and better among all. If the government is not working good then how can they blamed the government when they choose them? According to CHURCHILL, “Citizens are the most important components of democracy. They need to strengthen themselves up if they want democracy to be strong. They should choose better people among themselves, who will then run the country for them”. So I ask why voters allow corrupt politicians to stay in office. Winning the election is a license of corruption in Pakistan. Most of the politicians gaining power through elections is just for doubling their assets and nothing else. This unfortunately, is the painful and bitter truth, when a voter, while knowing perfectly about to corrupt candidate but still votes for him in Pakistan. A candidate who may be illiterate, but has a money and feudal lord of his area fit’s in quite well for a political party. It hurts when we observe the educated youth are jobless and corrupt and illiterate peoples are unfaithfully and poor performing the system of government. Pursuing this further, it is pesky to see that our top politicians are highly corrupt they have shifted the wealth of the nation abroad and they have already secured the future of their many generations, they have double nationalities but still they trick the public, get into power and run the state. These politicians through their corrupt practice have stained the reputation of our country in the world. Finally, every department needs a reforms, every officer or worker who is paid by the state, above all has to be loyal to this country. Each civilian has to play his role for the development of citizens of Pakistan we must recognize the realities and should make difference between good and bad, corrupt or sincere. Let’s get ready to bring a change in our society .you can do this only the power of the voting you are making your voice heard and register your opinion on how you think the government should operate .so you should learn the use of vote in the true sense because voting isn’t important for democracy, Voting is the democracy.

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