Your Key To Success Positive Imagination

Ayesha Pervaiz


Imagination is the psychological term that moves around the consciousness or unconsciousness. Conscious means our immediate awareness of an object; we can simply say it mind now. First William Wundt and William James said that man is the conscious animal because he acts and reacts towards the environment, Later it was rejected because there are two more portions of the human mind that are sub-conscious and unconscious. Both have great influence on human life.
Imagination is one aspect of cognitive development. As we know that mental development continues the process, so some factors which have great influence include maturation and environment.
Actually, Imagination is mental manipulation, leading to invention just as thinking is mental exploration culminating in the inference of discovery. In fact, Imagination is mostly limited to past experiences. It is the action of creating new ideas or the ability of the mind. It’s the creativity.
When we have mutual love or great desire to own something, some aims or goals, or anything but cannot achieve or badly fail to get it then our mind creates images and make us able to see them. This process is called imagination. It is the process of consciousness. Normal people can imagine about anything. These concepts may be visual, auditory, Tactual or motor imagery, Gustatory, olfactory, verbal or mixed imagery etc. In Imagination, we can see the things as our point of view.

Positive and negative aspects of imagination
Positive Imagination is an actual mental attitude that makes us able to succeed in our life. We can say it is a powerful magnet towards getting the goals of life. People often become very sensitive due to the life issues they want more and more. They want to fulfill their needs or desires immediately. They spend their time with daydreaming, instead of paying attention to their goal or tasks; they always like to focus on their dreams that become the cause of failure at the end.

Positive imagination is basically very attractive, it always comes true because it contains positive thoughts and negative imagination contains negative thoughts. As good thinking has a good impact, wrong way of thinking lead you in the wrong way. Allah Almighty has awarded the man with this ability to think and differentiate between Good or bad.

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