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Social anxiety/social phobia is the world’s 3rd largest mental health problem. As by name it shows that it is a hesitation from the society. A panic from going to the public places and public gatherings. You have a fear of interacting with people to some extent or a specific type of people. You are fearful of being judged negatively by your fellows. You are uneasy when evaluated on the standards of people around you.


  To some extent, we are all social phobic. You may be anxious about your dull complexion being judged by some bright complexioned girl, that bright and shiny girl is walking miles to lose her weight as a skinny lady mocked her obesity, ahhhh..!! That skinny slim girl is going to the dietician for a diet plan to put on some weight so that she can stand in society. What for the poor dietician, He has been taunted by his wife for baldness. That’s sad that his wife has been tortured by her sister-in-law for her frizzy messy hair. And the chain continues, as the sister-in-law is sneered for her short stature. And so on.


These were all just appearance problems. Also, many of us are been mocked and sniffed for our mental standards and grades. A Lil pitiable issue it is. There must be a girl in your surrounding who is waking up all the night long to learn a chapter and secure marks to satisfy her teacher and maintain the repute of institution. Or there must be a boy in your neighboring house who’s tangled in cuttings of newspaper and rushing on roads to find a good job and fit in the society. Or a girl in insomniac condition due to baseless questions about her marriage. Either a successful girl weeping with her pillow to be called as a vulgar.

The stories go on, every single person is entangled in their own issues due to the society, the people around. You,me and everyone here are anxious due to society.


Social phobia is not just a disease spreading very quickly. It’s the reason for many suicides, murders. Suicides of dreams, murders of emotions and feelings.

People, in fact, we are suffering from social anxiety are shy, quiet, backward, withdrawn, inhibited, unfriendly and nervous. Yes, we all are to some extent, to so people, too few gatherings.


 Many serious sufferers are disturbed badly when they meet new people or being introduced either tore of criticized, watched or observed while doing something, saying something in public place, even some of us are shy to call the waiter or ask for an extra piece of chicken or chomps.


Did you ever think why you feel so?

It is because of YOU. You cause it for someone else.


There are so many reasons like mocking, taunting, sneering etc. But two of the most important causes according to me are Comparison and Compliment.

The comparison can cause a huge, huge difference in someone’s confidence. A little example is this, you meet a friend of yours She’s wearing a beautiful skirt with full of her heart (pretty she looks and thinks she’s looking)

 But you suddenly utter that another girl might be looking more pretty in the same skirt, or say to your friend she’s not carrying it beautifully as anyone else did. Her heart breaks, sparkle dulls, confidence poured out.

The compliment is also a big reason for social phobia example we are all gathered up at a place and your cousin enter, putting her brand new lip shade. As she enters you say Oh! You look so bad, or either in good words “you’ve eaten lots of beets”

Anyhow, you broke ‘em, Noe, they’ll both think twice in future to go to any public party, get together or a hangout.


With every hurdle there’s ease.

There’s comfort with every hatred,

There’s love, there’s peace.

Now the point is to sort it out. We can’t root it out but can reduce it to some extent. We can sort this by doing a few simple works.

First of all, be positive

Figure out the positive things in all situations. See the bright side, if someone’s black, see how attractive she/he is.

Second, to do is stop judging having perspective is something else it is not judgment. Don’t judge someone on just the appearance or grades she/he has.

Make ease for people.

Motivate people, make them realize their worth.

Make people feel special and unique.

Make them happy

Compliment in a good way

Appreciate little efforts

Appreciate the minor words someone says. Greet each other

Be friendly

So the problem reduces and victims turn to survivors

Live happily and let others live happily.

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