I introduce myself as Muhammad Bilal Qadir the CEO of BQ Research and Development. He is writing articles from last six years. He is a realistic writer who write articles on facts. He is the first and only Pakistani writer who write Panama Papers in easy Urdu language. He is also famous for his five minutes articles which are on social issues. He mostly writes on economics, politics and social issues…

Bilal Qadir

I am Mujeeb Urehman and Co-Founder of BQRnD. I am Electrical Engineer with specialization in Computer Engineering. I am the guy who is Designing and developing this  website. I love see myself as a Web developer as well as content writer. I have keen interest in different Education systems implemented world wide and their key aspects on nation. 

Mujeeb URehman

I am Saad Ullah, a co-founder at BQ Research & Development. BQ Research & Development is a part of improving my Web Development skills. Currently I am enrolled in Geo-Physics Department at Bahria University Islamabad and I am half way through my Geo-Physics Degree. You will be seeing a lot of earth and environmental terminologies that mainly include seismic data interpretation, seismic structures, geological events that include Geotectonics (Anatomy of Earth), sedimentology, marine-geology, geo-physical exploration methods etc, from me. Let’s go PRO with GEOPHYSICS and BASIC GEOLOGY.

Saad Ullah

My Name is Ayesha Pervaiz. I’m from Okara. I just Want to Put out my talent in front of Well-organized department. I really Did Hard work on my research subjects and also my theses work which was use in my masters but there was just the value of my work little bit to include in my degree that’s it. Many Articles I have written and also present In my University at high level Point. One of my favorite Article I’m sending U through Email. I hope U Will return back Appreciation Remarks to me.

Ayesha Pervaiz

I am 29-year-old PhD scholar of China Agricultural University. My research projects are mainly focusing on climate change and its impacts on agriculture, water and forest. My research direction are climate modeling and simulation particularly agricultural food production for sustainable development.  Previously, I was working as research; Agriculture and Climate Change at PODA-Organization, Pakistan.

Adnan Arshad

I am Rumisa Malik. I am media Person. I am presently affiliated with BOL news as Associate Producer. I have fond of writing since my childhood. Many articles of mine are published on national and international newspapers and website. Research is my profession. I always research about fact. I am masters in International Relation.

Rumisa Malik

My name is Salman Mirza. I am student of University of Sargodha. Besides my study I am doing some social activities. I am also part of blood donor society university of Sargodha. have also received a certificate from welfare organization name as “Give life” purpose of this organization is to arrange blood for the people. I want to serve my country and its people that’s why I joined BQRND. 

Salman Mirza

Farzana chandio belongs to Larkana Sindh Pakistan. She is one of the best writer, researcher, intellectual, socialalist and educationist. She works in government organization as well as at social organization of Larkana. She is masters in Pakistan studies from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad and ADE honor associative degree in education department from Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur. She

Farzana Chandio

I am Muhammad Aized S/o Safdar Hussain. I am 19 years old and student of BBA Hons. I basically belong to Gujranwala. But I am residing in Lahore these days. I am proficient in reading and writing of English, Urdu and Punjabi language. I write articles in the renowned newspaper of Pakistan i.e: Dawn, The Nation, The News International etc.

Muhammad Aized

I am Madeeha, 20 Year Old Girl, A Veiled Assassin with a Wiled Nature, and Creative Writer by Passion & CS – Software Engineering Student by Choice.Being writer, life seems like a Pixie in fantasia, always drowning in fantasy and Neverland Specially, for the person who is mentally,  physically, psychologically; In fact,  completely downed into it i.e. Passion. For me, it always was writing. Most Important thing for anyone could be is exploring one’s talent and Being Me, talent or God-gifted nature’s pearl Which I’ve unleashed throughout my journey…

Madeeha Saeed

I am Alveena Aziz from Rawalpindi.  Currently, I am a student of MS Project Management in Szabist University Isb. I am fond of reading and writing. I have written some articles as a ghostwriter while working for a freelancing website. I have also written a few stories in a children magazine too. I have always in search of a suitable platform to pursue my passion of writing and it is the basic reason to join the BQ Research & Development.

Alveena Aziz


I am Uroosa Samman from Attock, Pakistan. I did MSc Environmental Science from PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi. I am also a freelancer, blogger and graphic designer, doing work on different online platforms. I like speak and write on social issues that’s why I joined BQ Research and Development.

Uroosa Samman

I am Waqar Younas, I have M.COM & LL.B as academic degree and professionally I am an experienced accountant and a legal advisor. Current Student of MS in Business administration (MSBA) in Virtual University of Pakistan.  BQ Research & Development platform adopted by me to improve my writing skills and publish articles on different topics. I am also working as a freelancer and providing my professional services on different platforms.

Waqar Younus

I am Saman Majeed from Attock Pakistan. I have done masters in Zoology from University of Sargodha Pakistan. I am fond of reading and writing. I love to write about different social issues, educational problems  and showbiz as well. I want to provide my professional services that’s why I join BQ Research and Development.

Saman Majeed

I am Tehmina Amjad from district Rawalpindi Pakistan. I have done masters in Zoology and now doing job at Fazaia degree college ARF Kamra Pakistan. I am learning article writing at BQ Research and Development. So from this forum i am starting article writing and i am excited about that.

Tehmina Amjad

I am Ezza Samman from district Attock Pakistan. I am Student of F.SC Pre-Engineering. I want to be Fashion Designer and Artist. I like to write about Fashion and Art. I found BQ Research and Development best platform for the beginners in article writing. That’s why i join BQ Research and Development.

Ezza Samman

I am Fizza Samman from district Attock Pakistan. I am Student of F.SC Pre-Engineering. I have interest in Law and Politics. I found BQ Research and Development best platform for the beginners in article writing. That’s why i join BQ Research and Development.

Fizza Samman

I am Yasmeen Qureshi from Taxila, Pakistan. I am Student of I.COM . I have interest in Politics and History. I found BQ Research and Development best platform for the beginners in article writing. I am learning article writing from BQ Research and Development. That’s why I join BQ Research and Development.

Yasmeen Qureshi

I am Kishwer Perveen from Jhang, Punjab Pakistan. I am Student of M.Phill Mass Communication in Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan. I have interest in Politics and History. I have interest in reading and writing. I joined BQ Research and Development because it is interesting and popular forum to expose hidden skills of writing and research powers. 

Kishwer Perveen

Its Faiza Mehmood from Faisalabad city, Pakistan. I have recently done M.phil Economics from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, and also done B.ed too from same institute, doing a job as a coordinator in Allied School system Faisalabad. I have written some academic articles while working for freelancing. i have also three publications in different journals. Now a days I am seeking for a platform which establish my research skills, so it’s the main reason to join BQ research & Development.

Faiza Mehmood

I am Mashal Rehman and i am student of International Relations at Quaid e Azam University. I am working as a volunteer with some organization’s which are working for the betterment of society. I also have my own organization which is working for the rights of transgender in Pakistan. I want to join your team because it’s a great platform where i can share my thoughts and can raise my voice about certain issues. I can create awareness among people and may be I will be able to change their thinking perspective. In this way i will be able to create a difference. 

Mashal Rehman

Hello I am Taiba Liaqat from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Pakistan. Because I feel it’s a platform for young people to express what they feel or think. Well! I write for myself and yet I never send anywhere. But here I got motivated by seeing young girls and boys they have got appreciation.

Taiba Liaqat

I am a social writer and my target is to change the society according to each and every aspect of social evil. I belong to backward area of district Bhakkar but my aims are developed. I want to join this time as it is a versatile platform for writers who have courage to do something. I have written more than 50 articles both in English and Urdu in newspapers like FRONTIER POST PESHAWAR and VOICE OF BHAKKAR. I also wrote for some social websites like PARHLO.COM. I hope, I will bloom in this platform as well with valor and dignity.

Ammar Saleem

I’m Lareb Soomro and I belong to Larkana. I had just done my matriculation. I want to join BQ research and development because I want to show my talent on an international platform. This is my first article and I want to learn from your site. BQ Research and Development is the platform where I expose my talent at international level and learn a lot.

Lareb Soomro

Who I am is defined by what I do. What I do revolves around ‘ Read Think and Write ‘. My birth place is Hyderabad. Academically I am enrolled in BSC HONS Agriculture in the department of Plant Breeding and Genetics. However the majority of my interests lie in the field of Literature. I love to write Short Stories and Essays in Urdu as well as in English. Sometimes I write poems as well but only when my heart is alive with someone’s memories. I have recently started writing for Spectra Magazine, the first online science magazine in Pakistan. Besides that some of my articles have been published in numerous magazines in Urdu.  I want to write for BQRND as I believe that it is a fine platform for amateur writers. 


Hanzliah Siddiqui

I am Rabia Iqbal enrolled in Bs. Biotechnology programme depicting strong determination and passion in my field.I am from Sialkot. Currently, I am involved in environment-related projects and in writing review articles. I choose this multidimensional platform to increase my writing skills and abilities. I have written articles on five stars rated science website “biology decoded.com“. I did volunteer ship at many social organizations like at Shaukat Khanam, PMC and Positive Pakistan. I believe that.” united, we can do something worthy for ourselves and for humanity.


Rabia Iqbal

My name is Aween Nazir. I am from Quetta, but I currently live in Lahore. I am a student pursuing my Master’s Degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at Government College of Home Economics, Lahore. I have volunteered with the UNICEF and USAID in their Food For Peace (FFP) Project. I have also volunteered at Provincial Nutrition Cell, Quetta. I have written some articles for my College Magazine. I want to join BQ Research and Development because I need a platform where I can improve my writing skills

Aween Nazir

I m Musfira from Sargodha. Want to join this team as I find it authentic, where my talent cant be wasted.. Joining this to be a good writer, and contribute for the nation. I have written many articles, but these are just in my diary. Hope to expose the actual hidden talent I have got

Musfira Tehreem

Its Sabiha Habib, from Lahore, right now doing Ph.D. in the subject of Botany from University of the Punjab, New Campus, Lahore. My one Research paper has been published in an impact factor journal, two more papers are submitted in other journals. I have long been engaged in preparing my assignments, reports, powerpoint presentations, articles about my course of study. So looking for other opportunities to polish my writing skills. Recently, came to know about your group (BQ R & Dev), so  joined it. Before this, I have 5-6 months experience of Academic writing on ‘Business Writing Experts” forum related to social sciences subjects

Sabiha Habib

I’m IQRA JAVED.I am from Lahore. I am 20 years old. My mission of life is to motivate others even I did it all time with my friends whenever they need my help. I didn’t write any article but I want to write something motivational stuff because I thought that everyone has problem in their lives. I know that it’s a big deal for me but I’ll do. Thanks a lot for your trust.


Iqra Javed

Rizwana Aizde ,by profession I am a pharmacist and currently working as product manager in a marketing company in lahore. I am an amature writer and writes on different social,political and other issues as well. I have qualified written examination of CSS and PMS as well. I am inclined toward writing so i decided to join this forum to improve my skills.

Rizwana Aizde

I am Arooj Rana, a student from University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I am from Faisalabad .I join the team of BQ research and Development because writing articles on different topics has always been my passion .I wrote many articles but have no access to publish them. Here under this platform I believe I will get opportunities to enhance my skills

Arooj Rana