Winner of World Most Dedicated Teacher Ahmed Saya

Alveena Aziz


Ahmed Saya was an unsung hero few days ago until he has gained much coverage after winning a significant title of ‘world’s most dedicated teacher’. Let’s have a glimpse of his life, career and ward winning facts.


Ahmed Saya, turned out to be most devoted and enthusiastic teacher, calls his profession as a ‘esteemed obligation’. Few years back in 2015, he got hitched to Sadia Ahmed in Karachi, Pakistan. He is carrying his responsibilities with full integrity and loyalty along with a cheerfully matrimonial life. Ahmed chose this noble profession as his career path 18 years ago. He has got his earlier education from Jaffar Public School Karachi. Later, he has finished his university degree from IoBM (Insitute of Business Management). For higher studies, he then joined Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom.

Career & Focus

Mr. Ahmed Saya has served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Reveal Pakistan, an exhorting and psychometric testing affiliation. This institute meant for not only urging underperforming students to see their potential but also provide them employment guidance. Correspondingly, he was associated with ‘The Bridge School’.  This school is for deprived & neglected understudies to provide them appropriate attention and direction. He was equally famous among his pupils then. He was chosen for going admirably past for most of his underperforming & neglected students. According to Mr. Ahmed, for him educating was not merely an occupation but instead it’s an obligation & a huge responsibility which “does not finish with a class or a session”. He further added that he would never prefer only to cover the curriculum, but he felt that it is his duty to likewise instruct understudies character, morals, and profound quality and everything about practical life. He, therefore, trusts that each youngster merits a more promising time to come whereas he always acted as an appreciative for whatever job he can play in helping them to accomplish this goal. Presently, he is a teacher of ‘Accounts and Mathematics’ at the Cordoba School for A Level.

Prestigious Award Winner:

Ahmed Saya was shortlisted, along with other five teachers, from all over the world. This screening was done by an honorable jury of educators as released by the official website of the Cambridge University. Rest of the final contestants were Malaysian, Australian, Indian, Filipino and Sri Lankan each. An online poll was created to get the name of the final victor. Students, around the globe, casted their online vote to choose ‘World’s most dedicated teacher; Mr. Ahmed Saya’. According to his students, they have voted for Mr. Saya because of the innumerable qualities he has; both as a faithful teacher and as a kind human. They added that he always remains accessible to his students even on weekends or on any holiday to provide any type of personal or professional assistance. As per his pupils, he is always ready to take additional sessions and to give solutions related to any issue, he never backs off to follow restless schedule to aid his students, he always come up to their expectations and he keep an eye on everyone’s homework to keep his students on same page. He is a well deserving teacher for this significant award, quoted by his students. On the other hand, the jury members have assessed him on aspects like easy and ensure availability beyond classroom, depiction of ethical behavior, going extra mile to make student learn about revolutionary ideas and giving practical lessons to students.


Veneration for Pakistan:

The multiple winning prize includes a free trip to Cambridge University including other promotional stuff by the university administration, Other finalists have also won numerous prizes. Ahmed Saya not only gained tremendous reverence to Pakistan on a such a huge international forum but also proved that belonging to a developing country having 58% literacy rate can’t stop you from being a best educationist and revolutionary teacher.

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