Saman Arif


Between sensing and expressing many collapses. Expressing all your feels is an art. Everyone isn’t good at that. How someone expresses it is further categorized. Either she speaks or maybe she writes. Some paint and a lot more. But here I’m going to tell you about the one who expresses all the fuss that she weaves in her mind by using tools called a pen and a paper. If she writes so this is something alarming. Stay away! Most of us have imagined a writer as a person with a face full of freckles, long curly hair, maybe the one holding stick. But trust me I’m really not like that. You often read stuff like articles, novels etc. Did uh ever wondered what actually the writer was thinking while swirling her pen? Yes, many of us think that and many assume things like the most probable thoughts. But maybe all of your assumptions are wrong. Because a writer sometimes hides the real theme in her cold words. There’s a term called “satire” which will define this state.

It’s difficult to climb inside her. She might write about her nightmares, the reason she took the long bath, about her life, about her demons and fears, about the first man who broke her heart, her father and her brother, about her insecurities and the conversations she has with herself. And maybe the tiny thing she wished upon a star for. But no one could judge what she had in her mind while she filled those papers with the colours of inks. If she writes don’t date her. A women who write will pay attention to the small details, the little moments she will start to memorize the curves of your shoulder and the crescent on your collar bones, the way your words hopscotch side to side when you are nervous and melt together when pronouncing her name. She will see everything through the lenses of metaphors, analogies and comparisons. Saying things like how her coffee that morning reminded her of your eyes or how she heard a song on the radio that reminded her of the first time you told her you loved her. And she will write, write and write. That will be what you will like most about her. Although there will be the night you wake up at 3 am to an empty spot on the bed. You will know, it’s because she is writing about how beautiful you looked with your eyes closed. Don’t date a woman who writes because she will understand how to read between the lines. She will notice the way you lick your lips when you lie and the way your finger twitches when you will feel guilty.

And in case if she is left with the cruel inspiration of heartbreak, those beautiful love poems she used to keep stashed away in your pillowcase will become replaced with toxic words and heartbroken verses. She will write about how your mouth began to feel like lies. You will go from being her cure to being the poison in her life, in her veins. She will live on forever as someone who saw the world as colours and details while you will live forever on as just the boy who broke her heart many years ago. So in short, she is a misery. You cannot just think of her as a writer. She lives each and every curve of her pen. She won’t probably need fancy jeweler. You could make her smile with blank journals, bookmarks and nice pens. At the same time, you will find a great motivator who will humble you each and every day. She is definitely going to teach your children the value of words.


Tip: – If you have got a writer in your life, you are blessed. You definitely going to get the most romantic love letters.

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