Why Me Because Its All About Me

Iqra Shahbaz


Why me?? It is basically said that “all about me”. In the word

“Me” there is the definition of you which belongs to you. If someone picks you for some purpose just think for a minute just why me?? Why he did not choose someone else?? Listen!! Here is something special within you that he considers you better than others. If you do good or bad both are in your favor. And it also means to the world within me which you make me a challenge… There is no proper definition of why me? It is just a question just a heart voice which raises when you are enough emotional it is just a request, sometime just to get attention or sympathy. You must also say why I am not?? Try me I will do well and better. You are alone one soul definitely you will face and bear all those troubles alone at you own soul. People will meet you they obviously condolence to you but they will not stand with you long ago. You are the only person to having you, care you and love you… make yourself enough powerful no one can defeat you until you also not do this. You are the destiny of your journey.

Because I am the leader of mine self. You must do this in front for all and you must say give me a chance and I will touch the sky. Then great happiness will be waiting for you. Because it’s all about to you. If you see this from the Islamic point of view so listen!! THE creator picks only that person which “ALLAH” like most. Because sweet tree surely has a basket of rocks. So don’t be worry and never say why me?? Sometimes it seems like the disappointment. And ALLAH dislikes for lose heart. Have a great patience and bear all the difficult situation and make you a strong star which has their own shine. Whenever life puts you in the difficult situation don’t ever say why this happen to me just say try me I am here to heal all the problems. Just make yourself a hard rock. SMOOTH ROAD NEVER MAKES GOOD DRIVERS… Because if there is you then you can’t replaceable.


Charm night never be get you a bright day.

PROBLEM FREE LIFE NEVER makes you a strong person so don’t ask to the life just why me??

 You must think about what can I learn??? Instead of why me??? Your inner strength is that all you need.

In life, there is the number of circumstances is raises. Sometimes we feed up about all universal problems. In which a lot of problems are to be faced, that time there are some problems which belong to people,

Some belong to the family,

 Some belong to friends,

Some belong to the neighbor,

 Some belong to children,

Some belong to parents,

Some belong to the job,

Some belong to government etc.


Whenever, in life sometimes when we tried to face many problems then we usually said why you chose me for this work? We are the human being so every human being has their own life own wishes own skills and many more. So in the difficult situation we normally said why you make me a source for just using me?? Why you elect me for do work in a very hard time. I’m so ashamed of myself all the time. I just feel like I’m worthless and replaceable. Just look in a positive way, when someone chooses you for their work there is two meaning of this and both meaning in your fever. First is this if you do well it is good for you, you will get a good experience about that work for long-lasting. secondly, if you fail then there is also a lesson for you and the lesson is this you surely got an idea or an experience to grow up more attention you will surely do hard to prove yourself. When you fail it is also a lesson for you either how to get your power come back. Never let someone waste your time twice. So there is no need to worry about that if someone makes hurdle for you because both are in your fever and both experiences will give a happy or ever time which will be always helpful for you in future.

 When someone chose you for do some work to make a strong confidence to complete it with great courage? Don’t say that why ALLAH what is going with me?? No at all just be positive and prove yourself. Make them feel proud for having you. You would just think what is unique within me that’s why they follow me to make me a part of their own organization. Sometimes it is possible that someone is just making a glance at your reaction when they appoint to you as their own benefit. Here is one thing more, in life when we are in danger then we usually said why God?? Just why me?? Wait for the look to the other side then why would you also say that why me GOD?? When GOD gives us a lot of happy moment. Then why don’t we said this at the happy time?? There is a point and you must also think that why we don’t say this in our happy life and why we say this in sorrow. Even then GOD chose some other people for all these happy moments why HE chose just you???? Because we don’t have the even little bit idea that GOD has planned for us. And that plan is even better for us either we are thinking. When we say why I am then GOD replied because you are the one whom I made strong and can handle every situation. Sometimes I am feeling very happy because I know that everything that happens must have a reason and then I am feeling much pleasure that I am the reason. Because sometimes we learn and sometimes we win and sometimes we grow up for the lead…

When you say this why me?? Then you have a doubt about your inner values. On the other hands if someone chose you there is also a mean to that either he is watching all the qualities within you, consider you as a whole world for himself. If someone pinches you and we are at the top of sorrow then we said this why me??? Ok, I will be told you why you because life put those persons in the critical situation which life wants to make them a shining star. Don’t allow anyone to turn off the light in your eyes. Because you are the only one in this universe.

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