Why Hindu Celebrate Holi!

Why Hindu Celebrate Holi!

It is known as a festival of colours of Hindus, it is festival of Joys. It is the second important festival to Diwali. It is based on the success of virtues over vice and of truth upon evil.

Its background is that there was a king named Hanakash, who was considering himself as powerful God and giver of everything to everyone, god as such all were required to worship him, and be thankful to him. He had ordered that his photo should be kept at all places and everyone should bow before his photo this practice continued for years, and none could clear to defy and throw this evil god created another person in his own home in the shape of his son named Pahlaj.

When Pahlaj grew, he saw the worship of his father by all, he came in front of his father and started a struggle against his own father.  And asked people not to worship his father who is like all of us, he requested to the people for the worship of God who has created the entire world, no doubt the entire world and all power belongs to him.

Many persons joined pahlaj and in no time apposition joined great strength and when this information came to Hanakash, he decided to get rid of him and throw away from his way.

Holkan sister of Hanakash joined hands with her brother and they planned that pahlaj should be punished for his high handedness.

The king ordered that pahlaj, should embrace the hot iron pillar and prove his worth and should also show that his God, can help and save him. Pahlaj accepted the punishment and agreed to do the needful. God saw his own servant in trouble and in order to strengthen his confidence and not to shatter his faith, God came to his rescuer had shown a little insect (Cool) moving on that hot iron pillar and when pahlaj witnessed this he embraced and went un-hurt whereby evil designs of his cruel father were defeated. Holkan had a particular piece of cloth which could not catch fire and as such cruel king and his sister prepared another plan that both pahlaj and Holkan should sit in the middle of the fire and let us see how he is saved. Once again God came to know about this conspiracy against his dear and came to his help.

Pahlaj was never worried. He feels one’s oats towards the second evil plane of his father and his father – sister, and he was confident that he shall succeed over father.

When fire was prepared Pahlaj, and Holkan were to be attacked by it heavy storm below exactly  at the vice of time whereby, that particular piece of cloth which Holleran had put on her head in order to save from fire, flew from Holkan and came over Pahlaj whereby, Holkan was covered  into fire and once again pahlaj was saved.

All this was seen by many thousand persons and after this, everyone stood against the king, who was ultimately overthrown had Pahlaj was made as their new rules.


After this, in order to celebrate to this event and remember this historic occasion, Hindus burn Holkan in the shape of bread and the thread as the token of that particular cloth is never burnt but is saved like Pahlaj.

From this story, every Hindu youth should learn a lesson that truth always succeeds and evil can never go unbeaten for a long time. As such we all must worship God and always become true and loyal to the seared cause.

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