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I was recently scrolling my Facebook profile and I read that according to UNDP report Pakistan currently has the largest number of young people in its history and it made me jubilant because young people means hope, creativity, enthusiasm, determination, dedication and optimism. Youngsters have the capability to change our society. They can literally transform thinking perspectives of people and they can make people realize their faults. They can create unity among masses and they can literally bring sectarian violence to an end as they are tolerant. But the question youngsters residing in Pakistan are really a ray of hope? Can they really bring a change that we want to see in this society and in our country? These questions have come into my mind because today I read a post that three students of Comsats University which is a reputable institute have hit a student of 3rd semesters and he is on his deathbed and reason is that he was sitting in the cafeteria along with her female friends. These students came and started staring those girls and he just made them change their table and this incident happened. Every sane person will literally think that is this even a reason to hit someone to that much extent? Even if there is a really big reason who gave you the right to take law in your hands. Cant, you think like an educated person? Can’t, you behave ethically?  

You are studying at an institute which is well renowned and has a name in this country your actions have an impact on the ranking of that university too and you are representing your families too. No parents raise a gangster then I do not understand why students do such kind of things which becomes an embarrassment to their parents too. I read that they have been expelled now their whole degree is wasted. Money of their parents is wasted too. Their future has become dark and on the other hand what about that student of the 3rd semester? He is literally right now fighting for his life. I am sure he would have never thought even in his dreams that when he would go to university something like this would happen with him. What about his parents? They would be only asking one question what is the fault of their son? Why did all this happen to him? The thing which is bothering me that this is not the first time. We have witnessed these type of incidents before. No one can forget Mashal Khan case. How he lost the battle of his life. On one side we have high hopes for young generation and on another hand, our young generation is busy in snatching each other’s life. Our young generation is trying to shatter each other’s dreams. Our young generation is not even leaving a single opportunity to make this country a place where nobody will feel safe and secure. 

The world is already full of this kind of people we do not need more such people. On one side we have youngsters who are making world records, who come forward and join hands to help other people and on the other side, we have youngsters like them Its high time that we have to figure out why these kinds of incidents happen and what is their solution. We have to figure out where did we go wrong and how can we make it right again. How can we ensure that our youngsters get involved in positive activities instead of such kind of blunders? Lives are precious. We cannot afford to lose more blood. People need to understand this. Every single person whether literate illiterate or handicapped is important and nobody has the right to take another person’s life. This is brutality and we have to end this cruelty no matter what. It’s the time that we should realize our mistakes and start to think how we can make this society a better place to live where everyone feels safe and goes out without any fear because to live peacefully is the right of every citizen.

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