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Every organization is different and have a unique culture from another organization. Organizational culture includes the organization’s values, behaviors, expectations and experience and holds it together. It is based on shared attitude, customs, behaviors, beliefs and written and unwritten rules that are developed by the organization and considered valid. It is also called corporate culture.

There are four corporate cultures that compete with one other to understand what type of culture you belong, the following are four cultures that have specific qualities.


This culture is rooted in association. Employees are equal and they feel like a part of the family member who is involved. This represents such a culture that is bound by commitments and traditions. The main values of this culture are rooted in communication and in teamwork. Founder TOM CHAPPEL focused on build respectful relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the environment itself.


This culture encourages employees to take risk and leaders play a role as an innovator and entrepreneur. The adhocracy culture based on creativity and energy. The organization is held by experimentation that emphasis on individual freedom. The core values build on change. This culture covers that example of Facebook CEO that is based on CEO admonition “Move fast and break things – unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”


Market culture emphasis competition not only between the market and organization but also between employees.  This is built upon dynamic competition in this culture employee set difficult goals and strive to achieve them. Sometimes employees are directly awarded and punished.


This culture is strict procedures in the place of guidance. This work environment founded on structure and control. This is the type of culture that depends upon activities, rules and regulations and practices. This culture has a rigid and fixed organizational structure.


The culture gives an identity to the organization. In common words, the organization is known by culture. The healthy culture encourages the employees to have good relationships with management in good organizational culture employees interact with each other without any hesitation. Every organization should set the rules and regulation for employees to work accordingly. Such policies that are set by organization help to mold positives habits in employee to turn professional employee.

Employee retention is the vital key to organization. It’s an important thing to manage to hold on the existing employee with good organizational culture.it is only a good work environment where employees are encouraged to share their interest. The healthy culture provides a balanced work environment for its employees.

The healthy work environment is one of the best tools to sustain employee performance and maintain a competitive advantage. Organizational culture is valuable assets for employees and key asset as well. Organizational culture refers to the belief, principles and behavior that an individual employee share.

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