Water Crisis And National Unity

Kainat Chaudhry


Water is a building block of life. Water is the roadmap of nationalism which secures the trade and economic interests of all nations at the provisional, regional and global arena respectively .water is a symbol of life. World developments consist of water as well as states wars and clashes also held on due to water. Agriculture sector of Pakistan is based on water which provides lion share of GDP Water unites the provenances as in Pakistan tarbela and Mangla dam, kaptai in Bangladesh Tehri dam in India and garrison dam in North Dakota America ensure prosperity and unity in all over states respectively.

On contrary, in the broader perspective, only water has become the non-conventional weapon. In the current world, water is as important as nuclear weapons in the world. In one way if water is important for life and unity of nations in another way, it paves the path of economic war and antagonism at intra and interstates level.

At national level Punjab, Sindh and KPK interests for KALA BAGH DAM in Pakistan. In regional episode Pakistan and India conflicts and wars regarding water. Along the same lines, Bangladesh and India dispute on farraka dam.

At International level Middle East rivalries on water Turkeys Syria and Iraq at Anatolia dam. China influence in South China Sea, Russia and America’s urge to access warm waters for trade and curtailing enemies.

 In the former perspective, water has the soft image in the social and economic progress of states which unite them in all walks of life. Water improves standards of common man living in agriculture, establishes provisional harmonies as IRSA and CCI role to solve the sub provisional disputes and conflicts lead the masses toward national unity.

All political parties, civil society and stakeholders of the same platform filled with patriotism. In the later perspective water wars and water, terrorism leads the world to chaos. The economic race, containing the emerging powers have the purposes behind to get access toward warm water by creating instability in states south china sea, Iran and Saudi rivalries in the strait of hurmz, India Pakistan, middle states and Soviet invasions are main examples in the globe. 

There are different causes which create water crises in Pakistan at domestic and foreign level. In the case of domestic issues, continuous military interventions deprived the state of true democracy result is provincial disharmony in the case of KALA BAGH DAM.

Private companies are making masses addicted to bottled water by tagging it a pure and healthy water and extract water from grounds at low prices but the sale at high costs.

The irrigation system is outdated a lot of water wastes in the way this creates a big share in water crises.


Limited funds in Pakistan for the reconstruction of water channels as well as to pave the canals for domestic and industrial use. Proper funding of NFC allocation can resolve this major issue.

Privatization in the water sector is a stumbling block in national unity. Companies like Nestle, Aquafina and many more establish their plants and extract water to sell it at heavy prices to the people. Mostly the rich people can afford this and they breach the right of poor masses who are dying by the scarcity of pure drinking water as in Sindh areas.

Water pollution is the greater cause which adds more fuel to the fire of water crises. All major sectors like industries, agriculture pollute the water at the higher level with chemicals, detergents and toxins. These lead toward dangerous diseases like diarrhoea, gastro problems in the population.

IRSA is a tooth less tiger there is no positive role to unite all provinces according to their water shares. Crops shortage in all provinces like sugarcane, rice, cotton and maize. According to survey Sindh and Punjab have been facing the shortage of 53 and 47 per cent of water respectively. There is need of hour Indus river system authority take decisions seriously to curb out water clashes in provinces as well as aware the people about the KBD importance.

CCI is another organ which is inactive about the water issues within provinces of the land of pure. Council of common interest has a lack of interest in water scarcity and provincial water conflicts. The constitutive body should arrange funds for dams construction. Moreover, implementing the national water policy all over Pakistan to meet the target as soon as possible.

India is also creating Pakistan a water stressed state in the world. India is has been violating Indus water treaty by constructing dam wullar barrag, the baghliar dam at Jhelum and Chenab river respectively. In other case changing the natural flows of rivers.

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