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As solid and liquid waste becomes global issue of Pakistan. There should be precautionary measures taken to overcome this issue. There is great New England Proverb: use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Coming towards waste in water, it contains enormous amount of larger particles like plastics, bags and smaller particles like toxic metals. Larger particles i-e plastics, bags, bottles can be removed by filtration membranes or using chromatographic techniques. Scientists in China invented nano-structured filter paper which has capacity to remove salt from water three times greater than conventional filter paper.

Waste water also contains toxic heavy metals like As, Zn, Ni, and Fe etc. which can be removed by usage of cheap adsorbents like rice husk, wheat bran and walnut shell.

In this way, metals can also be extracted for useful purposes especially in laboratories and industries, whereas, water can also be cleaned.


Now question arises, how waste especially plastic that was removed from water is handled and recycled?

For recycling of solid waste, plastics from waste can be used for manufacturing of bricks and roads when plastic material blend with sand and required amount of heat is provided. This way of manufacturing roads is cost-effective. There are many projects related to it in foreign countries for making roads through usage of plastics. Furthermore, plastic glowing shelters can also be manufactured using waste plastic material.

Scientists have developed a “mutant’’ enzyme that facilitates bacteria to eat plastic.

Moreover, plastics can be used for useful purposes like making green houses, vertical gardening, hydroponics and decoration pieces.

Bangalore has started praise worthy project i-e vertical gardens are being installed on pillar under bridges. It is best step to avoid air pollution. Moreover, there is no need of extra land for this project.

Whereas, waste i-e vegetable peels can be used as feed for animals. Then excreta of animals is taken into fermentation tank, where production of methane gas takes place. This methane gas solves out the energy crises by production of biofuel.

Then after removal of methane gas, it is eaten by insects, which converts it into vermicast “black diamond”, which is best fertilizer.

The farm in china is using maggots to fight food waste. Maggots take nutrients form food as a   result produce fertilizer.

Moreover, if it comes towards waste material of fish bazaar, it is healthy food for ducks to eat, which lay eggs by eating fishes waste material in more quantity than without feed on fishes waste. Hence by paying little attention towards waste management, much of the waste can be handled.

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