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War on terror has been contributed to abuse human rights all over the world. It has been proved a hysteria which maligns the freedom, liberty and security. Not only an unjust detention but it also proved a maltreatment of human rights. In the era of advancement and nuclear development, programme leads the world toward wars, bloodshed, blitz acts by the massive violation of human rights for personal interests of states. War on terror is a nightmare in the latest past of world history which has butchered the human rights and pushed the humans in a valley of desperation and hopelessness.

Firstly, there is no Right to life. Innocents are killed, murdered and got into the fire. There is no security a person who moved out for any purpose will come back home safely. Pakistan’s tribal areas FATA is the most affected area in the world where drones attacked innocents.

Secondly, there is no Right to freedom of speech and action. On the basis of power WEST makes innocents guilty and guilty proved innocents as in the case of Raymond Davis and Dr Afia Siddiqi respectively. Suppressed and crushed people are imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons where they cannot raise their voices against cruel.

Thirdly, there is no Right to enjoy education and health in third world states where a terrorist attack on schools on, health centers as well as polio teams to make nation paralyze and weak by targeting citizens of states.

Fourthly, Right to employment and migration are at high risk in poor states .independent states attack on refuges by tagging them terrorists and tarnish their image in the world as in the case of Pakistan, Iran and Syria by India and America respectively.

Fifthly, Women rights are violated all over the world by illegal activities like women smuggling, prostitution trends after the war on terror have seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Last but not last, Right to religion is derailed in case of minorities in world e.g scarf controversies, ethnic cleansing trends from west creating hype in India myna mar.

Lastly, Prohibition of the right of education e.g Child lab our, slavery and child trafficking in all over the world by the west and other strong nations to make weak states miserable and dependent on their loans and debts.

There are different Reasons abusing human rights under the war on terror. The emergence of the united nation principled discrimination between nationals and no nationals. World’s huge justice forum create discrimination in the cases of veto powers and the rest of world like Kashmir issue, Palestine issue is still pending due Americans tilt toward India and America. Under resolved political disputes among states is another stumbling block which abuses human rights at inter and intrastate levels like India and Pakistan case Kashmir and Siachen issues, Golan Heights and west bank between Israel and Palestine issues. New Afghan policy a moral torture for developing countries like the trump in his new policy targeted Pakistan a safe haven of terrorist .this is same policy as Barak Obama had but it is old wine in new bottle.

There are the worst impacts of war on terrorism contributed to abuse human rights as

Tarnishing the image of states tagging them terrorists as Pakistan, philistine, Iran Syria all Muslim states are called terrorist by America and India who disobey their orders. These states made alliance as well as they are Trendsetters who attract people by the terrorist by awarding them lavish lifestyle and handsome amounts of money. So, unemployed and crushed masses are easily trapped by those terrorist organizations. Attacks on mosques, cartoons add more fuel to fire by hurting Muslims sentiments and results are protests, anarchy and hatred waves in Muslim arena of the world.

Pragmatic solutions are given to avoid human rights violations as given below

UNO can play an active role by ensuring human rights as its charter explains like no state has the right to breach sovereignty of other nation for their personal gains as America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel in Palestine and India Kashmir. There should be immediate decisions of pending issues.

Vibrant role of media and civil societies to protect human rights. Media can be proved the power of innocent people .there should be a check on unauthentic news and media coverage .only true picture should be presented in front of people. Civil society can highlight the culprit of society and can protect human rights. Meet sustainable development goals, immediate closure of prisons treating innocents in inhuman ways. There should be quick Release of missing persons by agencies.

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