W Two World Korean Drama


Korean drama W-TWO WORLD is a comic drama. In this drama the main character is comic. The main comic role is played by LEE JONG SUK. In the drama, hero’s name is KANG CHUL and he is from the comic world while the heroine is from the real world. HAN HYO JOO is heroin in this drama and in drama, her name is YEON JOO. In the drama, KANG CHUL is a handsome rich man and YEON JOO is a surgeon. Her father is the writer of the popular comic story. In drama YEON JOO’s father decides to kill the hero of his story. In the drama, the comic story author wanted to come face to face heroin with its hero so that why the author decided to kill the comic story hero. When the author of comic story kills his story’s hero then his hero suddenly comes into the real world from comic world. W-TWO WORLD is very fantastic drama. Drama name has two meanings. “W” means WHO and WHY. Because the hero is from comic world and in the real world, everything comes suddenly for him. Drama is full of twist and suspense. Drama is romantic but with thrills. Another mean of drama name is WONDERWORLD. The drama starts when the author kills the hero of his comic story. Then the surgeon, a heroine of drama saves him. After this when he gets admitted to the hospital, she comes to see him. After seeing him, she goes to the bus stop. Author try to move fast his comic art story and he takes his story two months later. Now, the hero is discharged from hospital and heroin is at the bus stop. Heroin has no idea about two months have been passed away. Suddenly hero comes at the bus stop and sees her heroin. He talks with heroin, but she tries to hide her face from the hero. She thinks that he was in the hospital. Then she asked him, you are healed already? Then hero replies her, it’s not already. I have been in bed for two months. Heroin was in shocked. After this, he offers her heroine to go with me. They go to the market and he buys a dress for her heroine. In shop when she wears a new dress, she comes near to her hero and suddenly slapped on his face and after the slap, she suddenly kisses him and runs to the trial room. Then hero goes and tries to unlock the room. When room open, she disappears. The hero becomes shocked. When the hero goes to search her heroin then shopkeeper check the room and heroin is there and she is in the unconscious. After this hero come and take her heroine to him home. When heroin become conscious and see she is in her hero’s home, she becomes shocked. She knows something about her hero because she is the daughter of comic art story author. She takes the pistol from his pillow. When the hero comes he snatches his pistol and fire on heroin. Luckily the fire crosses in her shoulder and hit the window’s glass. Suddenly she saves because her father rubs the pistol fire on comic art that’s why she saved. After this sudden twist, the hero gets shocked. The author of comic art story all the time wanted to kill the hero and then he ends his story but because of his daughter, he all the time save him suddenly. Sometimes he wanted to dead him in an accident. Sometimes time passes quickly and sometimes slowly. Comic art story hero and surgeon get married. After so many twists, hero knows that her heroin father is a serial killer and the author is assassinated his family. Then author kills his comic art story hero by suicide. Hero disappears for a long time. Then author appears his hero for her daughter to meet them again. Now hero is appearing in the real world and he doesn’t know about his past, but surgeon knows him. They suddenly met again but he not cares about her wife and goes away. After some sudden meetings between them, he remembers about his wife. Then they become happy. Now, in the end, the serial killer or author kill himself. This is the end of the drama. This drama is very interesting. Graphics are very good. The comic art is very amazing. The drama story concept is unique. This drama story is like two in one because of comic world and the real world and is also little funny. The drama is good for all age groups.

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