Vote For Education For The Progress Of Country

Rabia Iqbal


Pakistan is going for his next election. This is the time to bring change, prosperity and progress. For progressive Pakistan the only solution is Education. As vaccine immunes us and save us from disease same way education is the solution for corruption, poverty, hunger, and all other crimes which arise from unemployment. On Election 2018, raise your voice for strong, corruption free and educated Pakistan. Education improves the capacity to think and chose which in turns gives the masses the capacity to vote in qualified individuals. Education drives advancement, values, capacity to see long-term and arrangement based considering which in turn drive financial development. Education builds the nation. It works as the backbone for the progress of the country.

The government of Pakistan spends most of the budget on the enhancement of other variables that point on the instruction for the nation. Pakistan since its starting has confronted numerous issues which are primarily since of such a huge shortcoming within the financial matters framework of Pakistan. Most of the child populace is wandering on roads either asking or being a portion of road wrongdoing. Most of the young girls are forced to work at an awfully youthful age as the rustic populace, which is in lion’s share, accepts that young girls have no utilized of education. Females being uneducated at a huge number makes a society where the individual who is mindful to teach and direct the youth has no information almost what is best for them. Children free regard for their guardians on being uneducated and feel embraced.   According to the latest Pakistan Education Statistics Report by AEPAM, Ministry of Education Pakistan, there are 22.84 million children out of school. UNICCO’s latest published figures suggest Pakistan has the second highest number of out of school children globally after Nigeria.

It is exceptionally terrible to say that the instructive framework in Pakistan is enduring. There are bounties of shortcomings with the instructive framework at the show which require particular considerations. There are the incalculable private sectors are presently being seen all over which are giving non-standard and quality less education to the children. There’s two-fold standard of education; one is for destitute and ruined individuals and other for the wealthy individual or nation. The education framework of Pakistan is based on unequal lines. The medium of instruction is distinctive in both government and private institute. This makes assort of difference among individuals, isolating them into fragments.

The most reason for children being out of school are: Poverty, lack of quality education, poor school infrastructure, lack of essential amenities in schools like electricity, washrooms, seats, desks, pure water for drinking, boundary walls and presently security issues, need of schools, need of capacity in existing schools, lack of faculty members and education budget. This is the time to resolve the basic problems of education by using our power of the vote. We can demand facilities for education from political leaders. We can elect such politicians which can bring change in our education system. Don’t vote such politicians who have double standards of education for their own children and children of the nation. They can standardize education policies so all the children get the education from similar institutes either child of a poor man or rich.  So this election gives your prestigious vote to education so upcoming government improves the education system and work for the progress of education system in Pakistan.

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