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I used to rove from Thokar Niaz Baig to Johar Town in Lahore in 2016 from June to September for the pedagogy of a test in a renowned academy. The road which unifies Thokar Niaz Baig with Johar town is of 10-15km. It is one-way road and width of about 20 feet. The traffic was soothing and comfortable and there is no any such hindrance which splinters ripple of traffic and causes any agitation for drivers. The road is mainly called as CANAL ROAD, which then rives at Jinnah Hospital to two sides and towards Punjab University. I completed my andragogy of 3 months and experienced not even a single yank because of road condition. Then I had to quit b to my aborigine city (Bhakkar) after my preparations. While rolling back, when the cruise of MM ALAM ROAD (Mian wali-Multan) started which is the halfway road of Punjab but scarcely sway itself from a ghastly accident. The road is round about 250km but each kilometre is full of thud and even the horrendous fact is that this main road is one way. The ponderous traffic has to negotiate it as it not only straps cities but also two provinces with main cities. The transport and trade is mainly kindred with this road. But this road is now known as ROAD OF TRAGEDIES. The government is impuissant to centralize this road but the linchpin on the resumption of well-furnished roads where there is no need of augmentation. I want the answer from officials that why there is low self-esteem for the people of South Punjab. There are many roads in South Punjab which are dead and now are the way of death for the people. Why is the blood of those people so many gimcracks? If this condition will endure then insurrection is the last option for those people who are now in buttoned up. The rights are not the heritage of the specific place.

I endow many students who completed their higher secondary education in their respective colleges but they failed to continue their education for graduation in professional institutions because there is not even a single crackerjack university in lower Punjab and literacy rate is too low as the talent is dissipated in labour work. Parents are unable to purvey the expanses of out of city education. The poverty rate is at its apex in those areas. Youth lack confidence as they are treated as downhill. I met a rickshaw driver in pir wadhai, Rawalpindi. He completed his Masters level education but didn’t get any job according to his education. He was compelled for labour work as he had to run his family. There are thousands of students who left their education when they didn’t get any platform. There are only two universities (BZU MULTAN and Islamia University, Bahawalpur) that facilitate 22 districts. While in only Lahore, there are 50 public and private universities. The lower Punjab (Saraikistan) facilitates 25% of exports of Pakistan with respect to agriculture but there is not even a single agriculture university to cope with the challenges of farmers. According to the latest survey, Punjab is the leading province where girls are out of schools and majority population belongs to lower Punjab. The population of Lower Punjab is about 93 million. In many schools, children used to sit on the carpet in worse condition.

Above all and the atrocious one is health system. It is considered only a single highly appreciated hospital including all facilities in Multan, the Nishtar hospital. But the appalling condition is that only a few lucky patients get surgical treatment. On daily basis, 27 deaths are reported which is the failure. Anesthesia machine is out of order for three months in the surgical ward. Mostly death occurs when mostly causalities are taken from far off areas. The treatment is like a dream for the people. According to report, 25% people of that region suffer from mental health issues and depression in women is a common factor but there are no psychiatrists are available in DHQ or THQ though they have opened private clinics which are enough for exploitation of a common person. Infant mortality rate is 65 out of 100, the highest in South Asia.  A book is needed to complete the article regarding issues of lower Punjab (Saraikistan) but the solution is still pending in minds of officials. Not only government is responsible for the alarming condition but also the public who are just dreaming for their welfare. Right is their duty as they pay tax equally in all aspects. They should not bow down for others and the patrimony politics are acting as a virus which is inculcating backwardness in minds. The public should get rid of old crocodiles. Youth should be play positive role rather than bashing their own land. There is no use of separate province if the same administration will overtake. Only slogans are not necessary for gaining a province for their rights, punctuality is determination is required which bring water to deserted land. Saraikistan should be given in order to change the backwardness to forwardness and to compete with equal status.


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