Usage Of Internet

Usage of Internet

The Internet is the source of communication or we can say it an easy and simple way to communicate and get the education, at any time just in one click, there would be much more ready-made material, like notes, articles, news, and games etc.

It’s the source of every sort of knowledge that is available.

Before a time it was the era when there had no any sort of concept regards internet, there was no any kind of source to communicate with people.

People communicated through the letters or face to face. Although living in the dark era many people learnt, researched they invented. The era which is going to call dark age or without the technology that dark era gave the birth to many scientists, scholars, philosophers, thinkers, and researchers, and writers. Yes, and of course there had the time period where no any concept of the internet, after all, man use their mind to bring the concept of internet and its uses. When the internet came and it spread then it going to be called that it is a technological time period, yes we are in the internet period, where the use of internet on the tips of fingers.

Whenever I glance to the today’s time period, I just thought, that today’s generation enjoying the fruitful and luxuries type of life. Where everything has become easy and comfortable. After all having every sort of source that has made the life easy and reliable. Today’s generation has become lazy and sleepy, they only want take rest, not hard work and efforts. It was time, when man solved, the sum on the tips of fingers, but today man does not get used of their mind to solve,  rather than solving on the tip of fingers, he get out calculators or handset to get solve the sum. How sad!


There are billions, of people those are the users of the internet all over the world. The ratio of users in the majority is children.

The Children are growing up in an era where world is running on the internet. The past study tell us that, approximately, millions of children and teenagers go online yearly. Internet is very common these days. It is going to be used at homes, schools, business, libraries, banks, among others. Surely internet has also the positive impacts, at the time when children and adolescents get its proper use and in limits.

Unfortunately, our children’s are sitting day and night on the internet. The new updating games, videos and much other communicating software like, WhatsApp,  IMO, Snapchat, etc which has made life easy as well as destructible. The overuse of internet not only cause to damage the memory but also weak of eyesight. On the one side if we see the use of the internet by children influences their academic outcomes positively, on another side if we see children academic performance has become destructive. Children attention has been diverted. They are busy in updating and uploading spending much more time, making on selfies. How sad! We are going to backward seemly in the dark era.


 The use of computers, mobiles and tablets are now common for today’s children. They have forgotten their older values, as well as teachers. They watch and act.


The strained practice of the internet consequences in the disruption of sleeping arrangements and beginning of epilepsy confiscations due to glitzy pictures on lot of internet pages. Furthermore, Greater internet usage consequences in hopelessness and separation. Children that depend on the misuse of internet grow moods of solitude and unhappiness, because of lack of contact with other humans, making them likely to to tedium and depression. Sometimes, it internally kills to man and makes him nothing to do.


The use of internet has completely bad impacts on children learning it keep them busy to do nothing, due to attractions of colorful icons and different games.

I think it has an impact like the drug, whenever person the drug it live happily but having no drug he feel uneasy, and mentally ill, like in the same manner, the use of internet keep the man busy and sleepy.

The use of internet effects on children psychologically. There is also bad exposes of the web. Yes, the web exposes children to both good and bad information, for one, they access highly violent video games and dangerous programs. Such materials glorify violence through game plots that utilize weaponry such as guns, and the suicide vest, blood, use of drugs, offensive language and disturbing pictures.

Children do not know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Children minds are still undeveloped and immature. They don’t have any sort of experience regards right and wrong. They watch and get it apply. Even sometimes they lost their lives. Resultantly aggressive, oppressive, worried and traumatic behaviors are created. Bullying of others and cynicism about the worst crimes of the world such as robbery, murder, and use of drugs etc.

Moreover, the constant use of hateful messages, lies and insults and presence of pornographic materials erodes their minds leading to addiction to these vices.


Parents and teachers role to prohibit the children from the overuses of the internet, they should aware to their children from right and wrong things. They teach to them the ethics, values and code of life, that today’s generation has forgotten, how to pay salute. The standing whenever teacher or parents come.

Parents must know about the overuse of internet impacts on children.

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