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US-North Korea summit has been held on June 12, 2018, in Capella Hotel Singapore. This unusual meeting has diverted the attention of the whole world towards it due to various previous circumstances. After the division of Korea into South and North Korea, US troops have remained in South Korea but North Korea has started his nuclear activities as early as in 1963. In 1992, it has committed to denuclearized itself but North Korea has continued its nuclear weapon program. There has been a constant tension between the US and North Korea on this issue. The Obama government had adopted the policy of “strategic patience” which means neither giving any specific statement nor sending any particular ambassador to North Korea. Instead, the US administration then increased the cooperation with South Korea and also imposed the restrictions on North Korea. As soon as the era of Donald Trump began, the US policy towards North Korea has been changed. Trump has shown the aggressive behavior towards the matter but he, still, didn’t close the door of dialogue. In July 2017, North Korea has tested Hwasong-14, its first intercontinental ballistic missile, successfully and this event has infuriated Trump administration. Numerous threats and statements were given by both countries to each other.

After the first summit between US, South and North Korea has been ended in March 2018, Trump has announced the second summit in June 2018. The supreme leader of North Korea sent a letter to trump related to which Trump has given a statement in the press. The numerous reports were remained circulated then that either Singapore or Mongolia will become the host of the summit. However, Trump has confirmed the location in Singapore on May 10, 2018, as Singapore shares a good relationship with both US and North Korea.

The summit was started at the 9:05 am local time in Capella Hotel. It included one to one meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Trump after a formal handshake between the two. Later the Trump has defined the talk ‘very good’. His gestures confirmed that the meeting has remained successful. After that the bilateral meeting took place. Both commissions have actively participated in the meeting followed by a lunch while both the Leaders took a short walk together after that. An important document was mutually signed by the two which was termed as the Joint statement by the Trump and Kim Jong-un. The document most importantly has included the increased cooperation for peace and prosperity by both countries for the people of both the countries. They have also completely agreed on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula. The US also guaranteed certain securities to North Korea. A news conference was held by President Trump later on where he briefed the media about the conclusions of the summit and his future intentions to visit Pyongyang. Trump has declared North Korea is no more a nuclear threat just after returning home country yet he reaffirmed the menace of the Korean peninsula on June 22, 2018, and declared a national emergency to deal with it.

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