Jaweria Ashraf


He who has overcome his fears;

Will truly be free.


Everything that scares you or makes you afraid is known as “Fear”. It is the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind that penetrates deep into you. It can become your weakness or can make you strong enough to face the storms. Actually, in this world no one is fearless but there are people who learn to FACE THE FEAR and become successful. Those who lived in fearful boundaries failed.

Fear is nothing but an obstacle in your way. It is something that makes you doubtful and incompetent and you hesitate to step forward in your lives. Fear is really your worst enemy and it is hurting. Fear makes you superstitious and you start relying upon the things that never happen. It makes you cruel and less humble if it sticks deep into you and destroys your dreams and wishes. With fear in your mind, you can’t do anything. It stops you to make your dreams come true. If you want to submit a mountain but you think that you can fall and die, that’s fear. If you want to swim but the thought of being drowned scares you, that’s fear. If you want to become a good public speaker but you hesitate to face the crowd, that’s fear. In short, fear limits your potential in preconditioned boundaries. Life becomes colourless, meaningless and aimless if it is surrounded by fears. You have to CONQUER YOUR FEARS if you want to go ahead and make you will come true.

In order to get rid of your fears, psychologically, “EXPOSURE THERAPY” is very helpful. The only thing you have to do is to expose yourselves to your fear, everything that scares you. You have to do it on purpose. Do the things that make you afraid and work on it. By doing this according to a plan, your nervous system receives information and your brain develops a thought that maybe fear is not necessary…and yes fear is not actually necessary. “EXPOSURE THERAPY” can make you feel uncomfortable but to overcome your fears, you have to stay through your discomfort at certain times. If you’ll avoid it, it clearly means that you are reinforcing your fears inside you and that’s a wrong way out.

Don’t let your fears to shut you down;

Make them the energy that wakes you up.


All that you do in your life is the image of the beliefs that develop in your mind. If you are fearful to do an action, it is due to some belief in your mind. Your body is an execute, loyal to every belief. Everyone is differently fearful because everyone has his own narratives, that stuck in his mind and make him feel scared. So never let your mind to open the gates for fearful thoughts and if they enter never let such thoughts trickle in your mind. To make positive vibes, never let your fears to develop and flourish.

Never stop to CONQUER YOUR FEARS. Continue a fight against them. If you’ll give up today just due to your fears, it would be the greatest regret ever. You’ll never be able to talk to your heart again. If you want freedom, you have to become courageous and confident cause FREEDOM is the day when you become able to overcome your all fears. You’ll always be what you decide to be. So never stop fighting against your fears.

“Courage is not the absence of fear,

But the triumph over it.”



Believe in yourself and never stop trying. Your fears can be a blessing if you realize them and start working against them. Your fears can be the fire that illuminates your way or it can be the fire that burns your dreams…so it’s up to you that which way you choose. Never let your fears to make you weak or incompetent. TURN YOUR FEARS INTO FUEL and be brave. Don’t get scared of the World…Scare the World! Be exactly who you are and tell the truth. Do not lose your confidence in yourself and trust HIM who says clearly in QURAN in Surah Taha (in verse 46);

“Don’t fear indeed I am with you, I hear and I see.”

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