Training And Development

Safa Marwa


Training is a process of teaching a person for a particular skill.

Development is a process in which someone grows and becomes more advanced.

If we combine both training and development this would be narrated as an organizational activity that involves the sharpening the skills, behavior, attitude and getting more knowledge to enhance employee’s performance. This field has several names like human resource development, human capital and learning and development.


The Importance Of Training And Development In The Workplace

Training and development play vital roles in the development of the organization. Although there are many kinds of training such as management training and sales training. Employees with management skills are the biggest assets for the success of the organization. Training provides opportunities to expand employee’s knowledge but many employees search development opportunity to move ahead. Training and developments provide both employees and organization benefits that is a worthwhile investment for both scenarios. The return of employees from training and development is really a no-brainer.

Benefits Of Training And Development

Improve Employee Performance

Those employees who receive the necessary training are able to perform their job best. The training builds employee confidence with the understanding of their responsibilities. The employee’s confidence enhances their overall performance and this can only the advantage of the company.

Improve Employee Satisfaction And Morale

Training and development create a supportive work environment. The investment in training shows that employees are valued for the company. Employees feel more satisfaction toward their job when they have training opportunities and feel appreciated.

Addressing Weaknesses

 Some employees have lacked in workplace skill. Training and development provide better opportunities to improve their technical skills. The development process provides the same level of knowledge and skills to all employees. This may help them to examine their lack of skills. Training and development both are necessary for employee performance so that they can take over for one other as they needed and this creates an overall knowledgeable staff with high skills.

Reduce Employee Turnover  

Providing training and development are the one causes to reduce employee turnover. The employee is more likely to feel valued if the company invested in, less likely to change employers. This is an additional advantage for the company because this reduces recruitment cost in order to employee retention.

Step In The Training And Development Process


1-Identifying the need

2-Plan the training and development process

3-Implementing the plan

4-Track the process


Identify The Need

The employee has different needs. It’s the job to identify those needs before company designs training and development program. If the training is providing for new employees, they will need an introduction to the company’s culture policies and procedures. If the existing employee needs the training to move different positions they can have same to go through as new employees.

Plan The Training Process

Once employees need to be identified, now discuss which information is required to deliver. The next step is to designs the process for employees training. The process and information should be clear and understandable.

Plan Implementation

This step refers to the employee’s performance to enhance morale in the workplace. Its depend upon how you deliver the information that matters

Track The Process

Effective training process involves follow up. Tracking should be started from the initial steps of training that determine the employee’s expectations towards the job.

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