Tourism Industry Of Pakistan In 2018

Jaweria Ashraf

Tourism Industry Of Pakistan In 2018

Tourism Industry is the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. Pakistan due to its magnificent and splendid landscapes, magnanimous mountains, highest peaks and historical and cultural legacy has always been the first attraction of hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

Travel and Tourism greatly impact on the country’s economy, providing hundreds of people with jobs and thus bringing prosperity in the country.

According to WTTC(World Travel and Tourism Council), the total contribution of Pakistan’s Tourism to GDP has risen by 5.8% and total job and employment opportunities have risen by 2.6%  in 2018. Also, the visitor’s exports and investments had contributed to signifying the economic impact of the tourism industry.

In 2018, first, ever International Conference was held in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris to promote country’s tourism patrimony. Separate panels sat and discussed on different topics and informative documentaries were screened to help people know about Pakistan. This brought positive feedback and made it possible to promote Tourism of Pakistan on an authentic international forum.

People on social media are presenting a soft image of Pakistan worldwide. Many known tourists from different corners of the world visited PAKISTAN in 2018. Eva Zu Beck, a tourist from England, through her Instagram posts, social media blogs and vlogs and wonderful photography has promoted Pakistan’s tourism and made it possible to show the world a safe and beautiful side if Pakistan.

The magnet in the spice of Pakistani dishes and striking cultural values attracts people from both poles, making them fall in love with Pakistan.

Pakistan is the world most beautiful and breath-taking travel destination and an ideal spot for visitors as BRITISH BACKPACKERS SOCIETY had claimed Pakistan as the top destination for tourism in 2018 and the society claimed this after it had visited 100 different countries.

The newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018 also claims that he will take steps to help Pakistan’s Tourism Industry to flourish and progress by renewing the tourist places and facilitating tourists in different ways.

Even then there are some groups who can’t see Pakistan progressing and emerging as a developed state, so they’re putting their ultimate efforts to ruin country’s repute regarding security issues and other problems on social media and other platforms. Keep ignoring such false news and focus on the bright side of the picture.

It would be an injustice if I would not mention here the writers, TV anchors, journalists, bloggers and hosts who are promoting tourism of Pakistan on both national and international platforms with dedication and patriotic approach and thus playing a major role in promoting tourism in Pakistan.

By 2018, many changes have taken place in the country regarding travel and tourism. We can say that this was the year of re-birth of tourism in Pakistan.

Pakistan will keep presenting the world an awesome and awe-inspiring natural scenery and magical landscapes and hospitality and love of Pakistani people will keep their arms open for foreign visitors.

Travel and Tourism Industry of Pakistan has great potential to unveil country’s striking heritage but it requires proper management and attention, and that time is not far when people will feel proud in visiting Pakistan, Insha’Allah!

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