Top Five Korean Actors

Musawira Shaheen


“Acting is magical, it changes your look and your attitude and you can be anyone” (Alicia Witt)

The rating on the industry all over the world covers the maximum portion of Korean actors which by their talents have occupied a specific place. With collaboration with China, they have hit billions of views at their website… Coming here I would be explaining the rating and introduction of such actors.


This legendary actor, singer and model were born on June 22, 1987. He always wanted to become a footballer but the injury in 5th grade vanished all his dreams. He did majors in film and art at Mongkok University. He gained the fame internationally due to his serial “The Heirs ” and won the award for it. “Legends of the blue sea” made him a more shining star in Korea. Gangnam blue was his most famous song. On March 15, 2018, he faced a car accident and wasn’t able to enlist the military. But this nominated person will always be eager to touch the aches.


A gem gained the place in the crown of South Korea on September 19, 1985.He was interested in sports but due to injury, he gave up the sports. He was an excellent student at that time and secured 380 points out of 400 in the university entrance test and got admission in Sungkyunkwan University. His father was against for him to become an actor. But he became a successful businessman with a successful actor. He gained fame in his serial “RUNNING MAN”, ” INNOCENT MAN” and “DESCENDENTS OF THE SUN”. He got married to Song Hye Kyo in last years. Many achievements are waiting for such enlightening talent.

3) Kim So Hyun

A drop of water was found in the blazing dessert on Feb 16, 1988, named as Kim so huyn. He has been graduated from CHANG ANG University. His mother supported him to take acting classes so that such an introvert person may be groomed up. He was not only an actor but also a singer and model. His serials: DREAM HIGH, MOON EMBRACING THE SUN passed him through the path of fame and he was awarded many awards. His serial “My love from the star” gained international fame. He also became a host on the delicious quiz. He had an interest in bowling. He had been enlisted in the military and will be back in July 2019. This gorgeous person will undoubtedly have millions of success…

4) JI CHANG Wook

A bright star in a milky way was found in South Korea on July 5, 1987… He was graduated from Dankook University, performing the arts and in no time became action- comedy hero. His serials: SMILE AGAIN, SUSPICIOUS PARTNER, K2, HEALER (ACTION THRILLED) made his way to the path of the sky. Then a blasting serial made him superstar all around the world named as Empress ki, in which he was a junior king who had an impact on audience and critics. His song Cry Cry got him more famous and his movie named as fabricated city added more glitters to his fame. He has been enlisted in the military and will be back in April 2019. This rock star will never stop and will always be as a skater on the path of fame.

5) Kim woo bin

A pearl hidden in the oyster from many years came in the world on July 16, 1989. At the beginning he was only a runway model at the age of 20, but as the time passed he started to come in commercial films and started loving the action and said “In course of doing so, I found myself feeling the same thrill and enthusiasm that I felt first during the time of runway”. His serials The great legacy, Twenty, The con artist and his blockbuster serial THE HEIRS gave him such fame that he was awarded the Best new actor. He also gets fame in films. In 2017 during the shoot of, CAST IN CRIME CAPER FILM WIRELESS he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and he suspended the shoot. But soon he will be back in the industry. This brave person will always be on the top of skies flying like the eagles.

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