To Earn Or To Serve

Rafia Aqdas


When we complete our education, we start to move towards our goals but we often become perplexed that we should choose a job to earn money or to serve our nation. In our families, we consider money as our target. We select any job or profession which we think pays us the most. We get education merely to become the successful millionaire. We are living in a materialistic society where we value money and social status of a person. We don’t bother to see anyone’s talent or admire his character.

It’s a bitter reality of our society that the poor don’t get appreciation due to their social status. This sort of mentality must be eradicated from our society because most of the talented students and professionals are raised from poor families. As a matter of fact, I admit that money is a vital need for having a luxurious life. We dream to have a wonderful future. We complete our education and then look forward to having all the amenities of life which we deserve. Even the parents of a poor student dream so. Apart from earning money, I believe that we should aim to learn and serve our nation.

The actual purpose for our education is to polish up our character and encourage ourselves to serve our nation. We have many questions in our minds for serving our nation. It is not as much difficult as we think. We may serve our nation and country easily by doing our jobs sincerely. Everyone can give his best in his own field.

We may serve others by:

Influencing the political structure.

Helping others who are in difficulty.

Participating in any community.

Influencing social values.

But the problem is that we get happiness by comfort, leisure and by the acquisition of material goods-a happiness that is within our grasp with the swipe of a credit card but it is temporary, we are never contented by having enough money neither we feel satisfied. We want to earn as much as we could for our lavishness. We should do little deeds of kindness for serving our nation.

Little deeds of kindness

Little deeds of love

Make this earth an Eden

Like the heaven above.

These deeds may include:

  1. Maintain cleanliness.
  2. Adopt a child.
  3. Follow traffic rules.
  4. Don’t take the bribe.
  5. Take your job honestly.
  6. Save electricity.
  7. Save water.
  8. Save fuel.
  9. Help others.
  10. Don’t keep silence.

(When you need to speak for your right).

  1. Join the army.
  2. Maintain law and order.
  3. Plant trees.
  4. Stop discrimination.
  5. Not indulge in activities leading to violence.
  6. Be a responsible citizen.
  7. Raise your voice against wrongdoings.
  8. Do your duties honestly.

But, if we want to serve our nation directly then the simple way is to join the army. It is the best way to do something extraordinary for our country. Our soldiers even don’t care for their own lives for the sake of our country. They fight for our country’s protection and are martyred. They are the real heroes of our nation.

We have one more way to fulfil our aim or wishes by joining politics too because the future of a nation totally depends upon the leaders who are elected for it. If we want to raise the standard of our country, then we have to be honest and sincere. We should work honestly by all means. If we see our political parties, then we observe that most of the leaders are illiterate. They don’t even have skills to run a political party. Some leaders are even unable to address the people without any guidance. Most of the leaders are selfish and are just supposed to increase their wealth. It’s crucial for the betterment for our country to have honest and hardworking politicians who only serve the country and learn many things in return for the betterment of the country and social status.

Above all these professions, a farmer who does his job with full honesty and dedication is serving the country. It includes an IAS officer, a politician, a teacher, a student, a scientist, an engineer, an architect, a doctor, a lawyer, a worker, a policeman, a soldier, a contractor and many more. If they are all doing their jobs with full dedication then they are serving their country and their nation and in return they earn money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Be extra mindful to yourself when you are with people not belonging to your nation.                              When you are with them, you are your nation for them. Whatever you will take as your whole nation does it. If you are already polite, be more polite to them. If you are a guy who gives ‘no shit’, try to bring that attitude down when you are with them. Overall be much nice when you are interacting with foreigners. In present human times, the image is everything. Your nation will have less bargaining power if it has a bad reputation. Don’t use bad words for your nation in front of others. One more important thing that we Pakistanis need to do is- Stop spreading rumors and bullshit among people on your social media networks. It also dilutes the integrity and communal harmony in Pakistan.

 In short, it is not a difficult task to serve our nation and country. We just need to change our mindset. We should not become materialistic. Our purpose of education should be to learn, serve and then earn because when we serve our nation by our jobs, we earn and learn something in return. But how we should earn is the question. Some people ask:

Should I focus on earning a living?

Should I pursue my passion and find work that I love?

Should I devote myself to the worthy cause that inspires me?                                                                          Keep all these things in mind and then select a job because your passion also matters a lot.

Most of the individuals who bury themselves in nonprofit organizations spend 80 per cent of their precious time begging for money in lieu of working on causes about which they are passionate. Don’t get caught in the delusion that being deprived is a necessary framework for helping the world.  In fact, it hampers your ability to do so. Money is like fire. It can burn you and leave you disfigured, or it can keep you warm and safe. So, keep a balance between earning and serving to have a balanced life. Don’t run after money.


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