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On November 29th, 1947 the UN General Assembly voted to recommend the partition of Palestine and on 14th May 1948 Israel was created. Arabs never accepted the decision of the UN General Assembly and never recognized Israel as a sovereign state. Arabs were always determined to liberate the territory which was given by the UN General Assembly to Jews as according to them this territory belonged to Palestinians. For this reason, the Arabs even fought three wars against Israel and the conflict which was supposed to be between Israel and Palestine that conflict transformed into an Arab Israeli conflict. Actually, at that time, Arabs were trying to gain their own interests and they were just using the Palestine cause. From that time up till now no Arab state in the Middle East has acknowledged Israel as a sovereign state and no Arab state has developed diplomatic relations with Israel. Even Pakistan which is not a part of the Middle East is not having any kind of diplomatic relations with Israel because Pakistan is a state having a Muslim majority.

In international relations, it is an ordinary saying that there are no permanent friends and there is no permanent enemies only interest is permanent and every state works for its own survival. This is what Saudi Arabia is doing and now claims have been made that Saudi Arabia has developed some kind of ties with Israel especially when Saudi Arabia ended the ban and allowed Air India flight to Israel over its space. Previously there were no diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel but after this incident, it can be analyzed that these two states are warming their ties behind the scenes.

If Israel and Saudi Arabia will strengthen their diplomatic ties and will increase the level of their comradeship then this alliance will have maximum influence on the political dynamics of the Middle East. This union will also have a very strong impact on the politics of South Asia too. Israel and Saudi Arabia both have a common enemy and that is Iran. Both want to curb the growing influence of Iran in Syria as both have interests in Syria. Both cannot see Iran becoming a regional power. When they both will work together and will devise strategies against Iran then it has been claimed that Iran might start losing influence in Syria because if one will make proper analysis of situation in Syria then it can be concluded that ISIS never launched an attack on Israel and if Saudi Arabia will become an ally of Israel then ISIS will not attack Saudi Arabia too and these two powers will successfully plot against Iran and Iran might lose its influence in Syria. Losing influence in Syria means that Iran no longer can pursue its ambition of becoming a regional power in the Middle East and ground would be free for Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israel doesn’t openly accept that it is a nuclear power but secretly it possesses this capability and Israel has a very strong and coordinated intelligence network it will use that against Saudi Arabia too when the time will come and will make itself the most dominant power in the Middle East.

Secondly, all Arab states in the region of Middle East up till now used to consider Israel as their biggest enemy. Now Saudi Arabia has made an alliance with Israel so now in the Middle East apart from Israel Saudi Arabia will also become an enemy of other Arab states in the Middle East. All Arab states excluding UAE OMAN Bahrain as they are allies of Saudi Arabia will be on one side and Saudi Arabia will be on another side. This will cause division among Arab states and other Muslim Countries will also get affected due to this reason. Again Israel, as it is a very cunning state, will use it for its own advantage as it previously used and expelled Palestinians from their homeland and Israel will easily attain its goal of becoming a hegemonic state. Lastly, this alliance will damage the Palestinian cause to a great extent. From almost 70 years Palestinians are fighting for this cause and when Saudis will develop ties with Israel obviously they would extend their support in the favour of Israelis and will force Palestinians to agree to an interim agreement. So, Palestinians now have to fight against Israel as well as against Saudi Arabia too and this again will divide the Muslim world as some Muslim countries will support Saudi Arabia and other will support Palestinians. A situation will become worse in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia will try to strengthen the religious importance of Makkah and Madinah at the expense of Jerusalem which in turn will strengthen its position against Iran but it would become difficult for the Muslim World to choose between Makkah Madinah and Jerusalem but again supporting Saudi Arabia means supporting Israel against Palestinians. In summer 2016, retired Saudi General Anwar Eshki visited Jerusalem and met Israeli politicians. He said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the source of terrorism but it does create fertile ground for acts of terrorism in the region. He further said that if the conflict will resolve then the countries that exploit the Palestine issue namely Iran will no longer be able to capitalize on it. So, from his statement, it becomes clear that Saudi Arabia can go to any extent in order to curb the influence of Iran and that is why it is now trying to develop relations with Israel. On the other hand, Israel also has interests and wants to become a hegemon in the Middle East that is why it has developed relations with Saudi Arabia but this alliance will start a new form of conflict in the Middle East. The balance of power will shift and in the new conflict, all Arab states excluding UAE, Bahrain, Oman will be against Saudi Arabia. This will divide the whole Muslim world and in the end, Israel will be the state which gets the maximum advantage and would be able to attain its maximum interests. In a nutshell it can be concluded that the alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia will do the most harm for the future Middle Eastern Dynamics as this alliance will successfully curb the influence of Iran and will damage the Palestinian cause and in the end Israel will become a hegemon and be becoming a hegemon in the Middle East means becoming a hegemon of the world as according to scholars whosoever rules the Middle East rules the entire world.

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