Themed Based Restaurants In Pakistan

Ghazala Iqbal

Themed Based Restaurants In Pakistan 

Having a favorite food in your favorite environment is not less than any blessing. The concept of themed restaurants is booming in Pakistan as more and more restaurants are working hard to adopt a theme for their restaurant to attract food lovers in themed restaurants, their interior, menu books, presentation of the menu all are theme based which is quite fascinating.

 Food Providers are hitting their consumers by their interests.  Many restaurants have a distinct style of décor dominant subject exotic environment to attract dinners.

 From the first time, themed restaurants were introduced in France in the eighteenth-century than in America in the nineteenth century. In the early twentieth century, so-called programmatic or mimetic style structures became popular for restaurants including buildings, shaped like vehicles, animals, and even food which they serve.

There are so many themed restaurants in all over the world, like Calico Cat Café in Tokyo Chill out Ice Lounge in Dubai, Witches in Britches in Australia (it’s a horror-themed restaurant where customers will be served by waiters costumed as vampires, witches and monsters.

In Pakistan trend of themed restaurants is booming. There are many themed restaurants which are attracting their customers. Game of Thrones Themed Café in Islamabad, Harry Potter Themed Café, and Friends Café in Lahore are its examples. But in the year of 2018, a new café named Café Garage has opened its doors for foodies. It attracts the dinners who are in love with cars.

Faisal Qureshi a renowned comedy actor has opened a café in Islamabad located in E…. at Margalla road with the collaboration with Eiben Sajjad. Nomi explained, it was started off as a workshop and they have all facilities of mechanical, bodywork etc. In the interior, “yellow” colour will be seen which is designed by Faisal who is colour blind and yellow is his favourite colour. Menu book is also very fascinating, includes different statements.

Another themed place which is cricket based. It is located in Bahria Town Islamabad. Interior is white and the tables are green in colour. A small pitch and stumps are also designed on its floor. A test cricket kit is also displayed on the wall. Visitors can enjoy cricket matches on the screen while eating their food.

Chak 51 (basically name “Chak” (village) represent the theme of the restaurant and 51 is the code area of Rawalpindi), which is located at Gaye Chowk, Main Boulevard, phase III, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, is also a theme based place. This represents desi look of small “katchi Abadi”. The restaurant also boasts baramdas (veranda) with truck themed benches, faux train engine coming out of the tunnel, truck art themed doors, and 2 replicas of Bedford trucks used as buffet counters. Colourful windows clay pot lights, dholki chandeliers, colourful kites on the ceiling are also exploring the desi life. It also offers to play Ludo while you wait for food to be served. An area is designed as ludo that is called Ludo Banera. 

We can say that it is an appreciating trend in all over the world. The trend of themed restaurants is increasing in Pakistan like other countries. There is a pleasant, enjoyable and peaceful environment in this type of restaurant where foodies go for food and enjoyment as well.

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