The World Of Fantasy

Musawira Shahreen


                                          “Exploration is the heroic life”           

Whenever I listen to these I question myself that how by exploring u can be the hero? But I got the answer. Let me explain the answer. Whenever it is raining ‘ I explore my own imaginations, I think that these are not the drops, rather these are the pearls that are bestowed to me to beautify and refresh myself and yes these pearls will take out all my fears, tears and cries. I usually want to   co-relate my feelings with the marvels of nature. So when it rains I usually think that the clouds also have been frustrated by their worries that they started to cry and then sitting in the rain, we both cry talking to each other sharing our tears.

To me the fantasy world is just wow! When I sit alone I am physically there but mentally in the harry potter magical series. How beautiful thoughts are those when you are your own hero. Just try to imagine, you are crossing real world and entering into the castle of frozen. You are being crowned by the Elsa and you are given a magical stick to do whatever you want to. You have splendid dress like her and pass through the fractals of castle and at once you are switched toward tom & jerry. You have to fight for cheese with tom you don’t like him but you know you can’t also live without him. And then a button is pressed toward looney tunes my favorite cartoons where u have to enjoy with cute tweety, evil daffy and intelligent bunny. Suddenly you are showered toward the funny Mr. Bean and you just have to make weird happenings, you have to laugh at your own hysterical talks, to live with your teddy and then your mother calls where have you gone, you have to do a lot of works and we say mama what’s that???  But isn’t that a beautiful journey full of fun.

The reason to exaggerate this all was that if a stage comes that you are totally alone, no one is there for you. But instead of depending on others you enjoy in your gorgeous world. You have the remote of your own thoughts. So whenever you feel you are worried just switch to this button. Actually, why do we love the fantasy world? Because in this world everything happens according to our wishes. We feel glad that all the powers belongs to me alone. And we taste such beautiful to fees which we have never. I usually think that I am kosem sultanas I love emperors, a real queen splendid with beauty, after all I know myself who I am! And if I talk about this before my family they start to laugh at me that look who is talking, the one who have never washed her face properly is comparing herself with queen. Omg, what a taunt. Isn’t that funny. But I know I can be anything in my world. No one can stop me. So create your own world, your own imaginations to live your life fully. Because imaginations have no restrictions.

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