The knight with all attributes of velour, wearing black attire with the lengthy shawl, which was rolled up around his waist and covering all the front, breaking through the ranks of Roman Empire like an arch in the flow. Some steps away, Khalid the leader, was wondering about that unfamiliar knight who was changing the game on the battlefield.

Khawla bint al Azwar, The daughter of the chieftain of Arab tribe “The Bani Asad” was considered to be the extraordinary warrior. She served as a nurse in war fields and then came out as a hardcore swordfighter. Her brother, Zirrar ibn Azwar was the legendary soldier and commander in charge of the army of “Rashidun”, during the conquest of the seventeenth century. She fought many battles along with him with extreme bravery. The most prominent battle was of Yarmoukh’636, which fought against the empire of great Byzantine. She led the female army on the fourth day of war and wounded badly.

On the scene, in order to break her brother’s prisoner-ship and out of aggression against the foe, she took armory, weaponry and mares and hide them in her cloak. She fought against the big battalion of Byzantine which was predominantly attacking Muslim army. When Muslims won the war against Byzantine, Khalid Bin Valid, the leader, who was impressed by that knight’s velour, asked to reveal himself. The knight, refused to remove the veil, which emphasis Khaled to know the identity of unknown. Khawlah was soaked in blood and still had manly courage, Khaled ordered his army to consider her as a leader and fought against the Byzantine army who’s being fleeing away.

One of the commanding warriors in Rashidun, named as Sharjeel Ibn-e-hasana said:

 “I’m watching this warrior, he’s fighting like Khaled fights in a Warfield, But I’m sure he’s is not him, the Khaled.”

Hazrat Khawlah Ibnal Zarrar died in the line of duty in 639 (AD), her brother died along with her fighting. She considered being the world-class warrior. The whole world honors her. Many institutions, schools, nurseries, universities are being named after her name in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In Jorden, Stamp is being invented as an honor of “Arab Women in History”. There’s a female military unit in Iraq, Named as Khawlah bint al-Azwar unit. In the USA, The first female military college is named on her.

Khawlah Ibnal Azwar was the courageous warrior, she breaks the ropes made by stereotypes who ridicule women for being fragile. She is not only the role model of women but also for men and will stay role model till the dusk of the world. She feared no one but Allah that’s what makes her a world-class warrior.

One of the sayings of her as an example of extreme courage and honorary was being said on the event when roman leader planned to marry her and make her the First lady of Damascus, Which she rejected by saying:

“I wouldn’t even accept you to be a shepherd of my camels! How do you expect me to degrade myself and live with you? I swear that I’ll be the one to cut off your head for your insolence.”


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