The Unkind Human

Saman Arif


Well, maybe you don’t agree with the word human for the type of creatures I’m going to discuss here. The inhumane who sexually harass the innocent girls. Yes, a very serious issue from centuries somewhat unsolved. I wonder can’t they hear the screams of little girls, the innocent faces, how this incident could spoil her whole life. It’s a kind of worst happening in a girl’s life and I pray no more girl go through such things ever again. I’m really sorry for each of the girl who has been through such a scenario. These cases are happening every day but they are not being exposed much. Sometimes girls are afraid to share and sometimes comes the respect of families. But I swear this is the thing a girl can’t forget in her own damn life. It’s not the fear for days or weeks, she takes this fear in her nerves and could never face this world with the same energy as other creatures of her age do. She would face sleepless nights and no one could return her back the strength she used to owe.

          Rapes happen because of the insecurities of some men. Some men are in a superiority complex and got a fear of rejection. The frustration and lack of humanity in some people make them do such crimes and because of our rotten judiciary and police system, the fear of being caught is less. Men have traditionally been believed when they deny rape and women have traditionally been found to be liars regardless of what her behavior, mental and physical health denies. Another big issue is messed up eastern and western culture and the way media represents a woman. If you take the statistics, the majority of the rapes are committed by less educated people such as drivers, workers, antisocial elements, and very low-income group people and by those were not exposed to diversity in life. People who are less educated and with less exposure tend to become narrow-minded, low in maturity and they tend to become insensitive. I believe that there can be no single explanation of why rape happens. I think rapes have always happened in the history of mankind but the number has increased drastically in recent times. The rapist is at time driven by the provocative clothing that women wear nowadays, although that might affect a considerable lack of exposure on the part of the rapists. One more point can be the frustration which is building up in the youth. It will come in most of the ways mostly violence and that too against someone who’s physically not as imposing. This all heck is due to the dirty mentality of the human being whether it’s male or female. The advertisement of the female as a sex material in the movies which is watched by every age of people, that’s also a reason.

By reading all this, it would be very difficult for a parent to bring up their child because sexual assault is so common these days. But wait! We can’t end up but at least try to reduce this and surely it’s going to reduce to the minimum. And we have to start it from our homes. By starting at a grass root level: with parenting. We have to stop this before it takes hold of yet another generation. Because I don’t want my children to go through this. First of all, we need to teach our girls how not to get raped. Don’t dare tell jokes to children depicting the dominance of man over woman. We don’t want our boy embracing toxic beliefs or our girls believing them. Br very active what kind of media our child I’d consumed. The book he is reading or the fan boy of a TV show. Even in cartoons, they are depicting an unhealthy relationship. We should tell them the difference between good touch and bad touch. At the age of 12, we should set meetings with our children clearly telling them each and everything. We should keep them aware because when we’ll not tell them what’s wrong in clear words they’ll themselves run to seek information about that and might be caught in bad company. Teach them to respect other people’s bodies, boundaries and wishes. Teach your boys that women are equal. They are worthy and ambitious likewise men. At the same time teach your girls that they are strong. Their bodies are strong enough to fight against the rapist and in case if they are going through any of such harassment.

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