Film industry of Pakistan has many successes. In Past these films not only named as best movies in Pakistan but also at international level as well in India  which is consider as the biggest rival of Pakistan.

Film industry of Pakistan has long history.  The historic city of Lahore was the center of filmmaking, earlier to the division of India. After partition, under the direction of daud Chand first Pakistani- film was Teri yaad produced in 1948, film was released in Lahore cinema. During this period Pakistani film industry attracted large audience. .50s and 60s is reflected to be the unique ages of Pakistani cinema. Many A- stars were presented throughout this time and become legends worldwide. As black and white cinema became old version, Pakistani nation witnessed the introduction of color films.  In early 1970, Pakistan was among the world’s fourth main country which produced story films. Between 1977 -2000 Pakistani cinema went to decline due to censorship laws, lack of quality and bad script. Pakistani film industry produced legendary actors, directors, producers and singers as well. Some of them are Wahid Murad, Sultan Rahi, Syed Noor, Noor jahaan, Shabnam, Mustafa Qureshi, and Muhammad Ali and others before declination period.

In 2005 Karachi was replaced Lahore as film hub of the country. In 2007, shoaib mansoor directed the film ‘’Khuda k liye” which got successes and was the Pakistani film which released in India cinema after four decades. But instead of this successes this film and director faced criticism too.  In 2009, the ‘‘Pakistani New Cinema Movement was launched. Many other Pakistani film was released after Khuda k liye like , chup, love main gum, RamChand Pakistani, son of Pakistan , devdas etc. they were fruitful for Pakistani cinema but was not too blockbuster. 2010 was the worst year for Pakistani film industry.  Again in 2011 shoaib Mansoor directed new film‘‘BOL’’ seemed to have officially revival of Pakistani cinema which brook box office records in Pakistan. Same year a controversial film was produced but did not released in cinema due to objection by CBFC(center board of Film censors) . Year 2013, could be call the new wave in paki cinema, seven Pakistani films was theatrically released.2014 was the equally great year, with Na Maloom Afrad taking the 2014 box office.  2015 picked off from the momentum of 2014 and 2013. 2016 continued the momentum of new age Pakistani cinema. Janan and Na Maloom Afrad was the block highest _ grossing films in this year. Revival of the Pakistan’s film industry continued in 2017 as over 20 movies were released during the year. Punjab Nae Jaon gy was the highest – grossing film not in 2017 but also all-time of Pakistani film industry with IMDM rating 8.4.  Year 2017 can be concluded that it was the important year in the evolution of Pakistani film industry.

In the beginning of year2018, anticipated comedy movie ‘‘parchi’’ was released nationwide. ‘Parchi’ exceptionally well and hard work reflects in the film. Parchi is the first Pakistani movie which will release in Saudi cinema. However, it is the beginning of the year we should hope for good for Pakistani film industry and Pakistan as well.

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