Ammar Saleem


I explored some books of history and tried to find the real meaning and history of destruction from the first day of humanity. And concluded that the wars were fought between two rivals and no third party was afflicted (mainly). The robust weapons were strong enough to execute a single life, not an entire population. There was somehow escape for the losing party. Those combats were of some significance for both peers. The victims were succour by vicinal as a sign of magnanimity. The extremism of that kind of despotism was manifested by inexorable leaders like Attila, Genghis Khan, Adolf Eichmann, Joseph Stalin etc.


There is a sensation concoct in a body of a personage. That sensation is the evolution which accredits to distinguish superior from inferior. As the world is now becoming swivel-eyed in the form of modernity, that furore is becoming recessive in the dominating power of money and it has captivated not only the sense but the whole body. All this swerve has digressed the scenario. There is no need for wild animals because humans in wild form are much perilous and the results can be seen in Syria from all dimensions. 

The affair of Syria was internal as the public was in protest for freedom and economic woes and then the story of tyranny started. The condition was alarming and then the protesters were started torturing by the president Bashar al- Assad. Many of the demonstrators were killed. In July 2011, Syria began to slide in the civil war.

The conflict was then proved as a sectarian. Mostly Syrian Muslims are Sunni while Syrian security establishment belonged to Alawi sect and the president was the part of it.

Bashar father ordered military crackdown in 1982 in Hama, killing tens of thousands of people and Bashar continued the Baalism.

Even the environmental condition favoured Bashar targets when drought struck Syria in 2007-10 killing 1.5 million of people.

All the unrest attracted the attention of international forum and Russia stepped in 2015 as a major ally of President. Then it was converted to religious conflict as Hezbollah started supporting Assad government and countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar supported anti-Assad’s rebels. The state war became an international war as United started to indulge in all the alarming situation.

Recently the USA took its first military action against Assad’s forces, launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air force base.

CIA trained rebels however the program didn’t remain long.


The table talk round started in Geneva between Syrian Government and opposition in 2012.

In December 2017 another round started but failed to inculcate some positive results.

The free Syrian army{FSA} released many areas from rebels and some troops are supported by Turkey against the United States and covering many areas like Id lib, Homs, Ham ma and Affrin.

All this alarming situation devastated Syria and Syrian as it gains international importance. The use of the gun has much importance than saving the life and the facts and figures have drowning impact.

According to AL JAZEERA, more than465000 Syrians have been killed even they don’t have a place to be buried. More than million are injured and half of the country prewar population has been displaced. Many of people are getting refuge in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

It is not the matter who has influenced and who is winning but the only things matter is humanity. Syria needs help while Muslims are in a state of drowsiness.


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