The Future of Search Engine

mujeeb Urehman

The Future of Search Engine

The world become a global village due to fast communication systems and advancement it made for wellbeing of human kind. The software industry has major part in it. Most of the software uses existing operating systems to run their instruction programs. If search engines like google chrome, Mozilla firefox etc. developed an operating System that can change the design, size, speed, hardware and structure of modern day computing tools.  

Currently every software is advancing and updating their modules of their software. Is it the time for search engines like Google chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox to step forward to take over the windows, android or IOS Operating systems, we are using on different systems, computers, tablets and phones. Is this option arises in this scenario? YES INDEED, the software industry is in revolutionizing stage and it could be the time for search engines.

Operating system like window 7, 8, 10 and android and apple are using major part of memory. Window operating system takes 16 to 20 GB while android take 0.36 GB space of system and IOS 10 cover 1.5 GB of space. Google chrome take 345mb space and Mozilla Firefox is of 56mb. Is it the matter of memory or something else? Yes it may be, but the platform search engines providing is expending rapidly. Yes, there is a need and scope available in the updates and versions of search engines. Search engine take less space and provides major functions.

If we compare applications on both operating systems and search engines provide us like Facebook, WhatsApp, MS office, twitter, Photoshop, etc. can run using both platforms. Applications like Facebook Lead Ads, Zoom, Google Forms, Excel, Drip, and Big Cartel, Air table, Kajabi, Web flow, Click Funnels are the trending softwares nowadays.They all provide both the web and desktop version of their application.  

You find a web version for every application we run on windows or operating systems. Yes you are right, search engine also use the operating systems to run these applications.

The purpose of writing this article is to suggest that there is a future of search engines as operating systems. It may be early to claim, as an electrical computer engineer, I see search engines as Operating system of our future computers and computing systems. It may not took a long time to overcome operating systems.

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