Terrorism Is A Global Issue

Farzana Chandio

Terrorism Is A Global Issue

Terrorism is an unlawful use of violation and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of the political aim. American political philosopher Michael Walzer, in 2002 wrote: Terrorism is the deliberate killing of innocent people, at random, to spread fear through a whole population and force the hand of its political leaders.

Terrorism has become an issue of global concern. From Asia to Africa to Europe, it has sent a wave of fear among the masses. Mombasa murders in Kenya, Bali Islands killings and nine- eleven mass massacre are only a few instances. It is not wrong to say that it threatens the world peace and order. However, the world body responsible for maintaining peace and order has failed to give the definition of the word terrorism. Concerted efforts are therefore required to develop a consensus among the comity of nations so that this menace is addressed.

Terrorism came to the fore when nineteen terrorist’s and the two hijacked planes hit the lofty structures of the World Trade Centre in New York resulting in almost 3,000 casualties. Generally, the root cause of terrorism is the social, economic and political exploitation of the deprived groups by big powers that create the frustration among the former and these aggrieved groups resort to terrorist acts out of despair.

No doubt that terrorism is deleterious to every country as it leaves to adverse repercussions on the political landscape of that country. Not only does it result in a huge loss of human lives, but it has also negative effects on the economy. Besides, its negative effects are law and order situation, internationally marred relations, incredibility in the institutions, fear and harassment among the masses.

Despite the frequent terrorist acts across the world that have resulted in the loss of innumerable precious lives, the United Nations role has remained unsatisfactory as it has not yet succeeded in giving a definition of terrorism. Virtually, the world body responsible for global peace has failed to compose the differences of its members over the issues of freedom movements relevance to terrorism. Countries like India and Israel insist that freedom fighters in Kashmir and Palestine are terrorists despite the fact that international law recognizes, in unequivocal terms, the right to self-determination. Although the situation has become critical, still world body can mitigate it by adopting some well-thought measures.

The United Nations should adopt the definition of terrorism forthwith clearly distinguishing the acts of terrorism and struggles of freedom. The United Nations should form an international body consisting of the veteran statesman like Nelson Mandela that should investigate the root cause of terrorism and sort out the remedies for it. The world powers such as the US, Russians federation, UK etc may pursue policies which are not based on double standard’s and do not reflect their vested interests. De-weaponisation campaigns should be launched in different countries all over the world.

Although terrorism has taken an ugly shape, still it can be curbed provided a consensus among the nation’s of the world is developed. The United Nations, therefore, may launch a well-devised strategy with the unanimity of the international community to at least mitigate this crisis. To make the mother earth a better place to live in, it is necessary that undermining or negative forces must be eliminated. Then only would be the dream of a peaceful world as envisaged by the founders of the United Nations fulfilled.

Main causes Ideological tussle among varied groups as a communist and capitalist ideologies. Terrorism is the biggest threat to the world. Terrorists are multifarious. It includes Arson, Bombing, assault, vandalism and murder. Terrorism occurs due to the diverse culture and religious orientation of societies. Terrorism is not the only problem of a single Nation. Regularly killing of innocent people.

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