Technological Innovations In Pakistan In 2018

Zarwish Bhatti



Innovation is basically the aimed to inspire and energizing Pakistani youth, students, professionals, and citizen innovators to find innovative solutions to Pakistan’s development challenges and enhance its competitiveness.

Creativity and innovation in science and technology bridging the gap between the secondary and tertiary levels of education.

Innovation is the main key to identify multiple factors which are responsible and shaping the next generation to be innovators.

Technological Innovation is directly relating to each and every institutional success.

Institutional success is measured by their own university department which is innovation research and department.

Technological innovation is based on annually innovation summit.


Innovation Summit is an annual event which held in four national universities as name listed below

University of Punjab

University of Peshawar

University of Karachi

University Baluchistan

The main ideal focus of summit to promote technology and link student ideal with stakeholders. The main objectives of the summit are as follows:

Promote the initial level of activities

Distribute and creates competition for technology

Expand the research activities

Advanced the methodology

More specifically the summit is a powerful tool that provides a platform for multiple perspectives such as networking for innovators, scientists, students, and industry executives.



The ideal and phrase of the invention to technological innovation are summarized here

Moderating Incubators in the eco ecosystem

Technologies for water and energy sector

Food packaging and labelling standards

Smart computational technology



Moderating Incubators in the eco ecosystem


Identify conservation goals and objectives

Assess climate impacts and vulnerabilities

Review conservation goals and objectives

Identify adaptation options

Evaluate and prioritize adaptation actions

Implement priority adaptation action

Trach action effectiveness and ecological responses

Technologies for water and energy sector

The current consumption of water and energy in Pakistan and in the various sector of agriculture and marine are so high, it is very important on an urgent basis to avoid waste, for what we always try to use the most efficient techniques to low water and energy consumption. To dissolve this problem some new ideas are generated for adaptation and modernization of production facilities.


Improving the efficiency of the agricultural side

Used wastewater treatment that now based on three different levels.


Food packaging and labelling standards regulations 2018

Keep premise clean and have regular pest control Use only potable water for food preparation.


Food regulation techniques modified in 2018 on the basis:


Food preservatives

Food and synthetic colors


Heavy metals

Smart computational technology

The other name of smart computational technology is bioinformatics. Bioinformatics simple can be defined as the biological wording of macromolecules that can express in three-dimension shape.


Detect defective gene by this advanced computer system

To find out the identical human proteins which may have located same as the functional gene

To find out the same or identical protein and other macromolecules from other species which may be helpful in therapeutics.


Technological innovations are the broad category to understand. It also includes case studies of successfully commercialized technologies, a case study on how to innovate, policies for economics, science, technology and innovation planning.

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