Saima Khan


A few years ago, I read this line which says that “with great power comes great responsibility” and I really wanted that time to experience this thing in life. With the passage of time, I came to the result that there are a lot of people in this world who are actually afraid of taking responsibility for their actions. This is because they feel that to be responsible for the actions means to be responsible for their action’s fault as well. But, it is also true that responsibility and fault both comes together in our life. This is the part of life to be at fault sometimes and to be responsible for the actions. Remember my point that nobody is going to take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts and even for your life. Nobody is going to take the responsibility for your life situations. You have to think before the start of anything that how you are going to do that so that the end result comes the way you want.

Everybody on this planet loves to take the responsibility of success and love. But have you ever heard of any person who took the responsibility for their wrong actions? Probably there is no person who says on the first attempt that he/she took the responsibility for their wrong actions. Taking the responsibility for our problems is far more important in life than to be responsible for success and love. Why I am saying this? Because when you become responsible for your problems that is the time when you start learning when you start developing your inner. Blaming others means to only hurt your own self. The true life-improvement is based on learning from the actions for which we take the responsibility.

Whether you believe me or not but we are always responsible for all the things that happen to us. There are certain things in life upon which we do not own any control but how we respond to them is the responsibility on our shoulders. If you feel like that your condition is very miserable right now chances are here that is because you feel that is controlled by something outside. You feel like that this certain problem is totally thrown on you and there is no way out to that. When you will start feeling that you are choosing your problem you will start feeling empowered and when you will feel that your problem is being forced on you trust me everything will start acting against in front of you. You will feel more victimized and miserable in your condition. My only point is chosen for yourself. Choose your struggles, your efforts, instead of thinking of the results related to certain act choose to work for the better end. Ask yourself one question in life: “what paint you are up to?” “What kind of pain you want in your life?” or “For what things you want to struggle for?” Be responsible for your failures in all the things which you do in life. The person you marry one day in the life is the same person you fight with. The point with which our positive attitude is created is the same from which our negative attitude is formed. The only problem is we humans only like the idea of success, we only like to live the idea of satisfaction. But it is never attained if you are not feeling responsible for your actions.

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