Syrian Civil War: The Story Of Civil Massacre

Syrian Civil War: The Story Of Civil Massacre

The “Syrian Arab Republic” is located in Western Asia along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The neighboring countries are Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, and Jordon. Syrian civil war has initiated in 2011, is a piece in a chain of revolutions called Arab Springs or Arab Revolutions. It has initiated in the form of non-violent protests around the whole country turning into violent riots.

Later on, a cracked down operation has started by the Syrian armed forces to stop these riots in July 2011. Next ‘A Free Syrian Army’ has emerged with a slogan to bring down the regime of the 19th Syrian’s President “Bashar Al-Asad”. So the war is basically between the president along with his allies and the Syrian people along with the other supportive forces.

In the past week, a brutal massive bombing in the Eastern Gouta (Syria) by Bashar Al Asad, in alliance with the Russian government, has shaken the world resulting in the killing of more than 500 residents. The local people and volunteers reportedly say that barrel bombs and heavy explosive materials are being used in the air strikes for the massacre of civilians.

The world is pointing towards Russian who is allegedly present behind the enhanced pace of this war of blood in Syria. Russia has always remained a strong advocate of Asad’. However, both Syrian and Russian governments are denying the use of lethal explosives, chemical weapons or the killing of common people. Instead, they are stuck to their view of killing the rebels in Eastern Gouta.

The United Nations Security Council has taken the notice of the current scenario of exterminations in Syria. UN Secretary-General has demanded to stop the mass killings in Syria on the behalf of the approved resolution of 30 days ceasefire in UN Security Council. US ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, has also insisted to implement the call of ceasefire and to provide basic facilities to the victims. She has also commented on the blockage caused by Russia by continuously delaying the vote on the Syrian war, resulting in the worst condition of humanity in Syria. However, the Syrian and Russian forces are in no mood to respond the call. The world is still seeing towards UN to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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