Sudden Car Price Rise By Car Manufacturers In Pakistan In 2018

Alveena Aziz


New Year is going to be start with a kind of disconcerting news for car lovers and potential buyers residing in Pakistan i.e. quick rise in car prices. Some researchers are finding this upsurge in vehicle prices quite anticipated while common masses are calling it is as shocking and perturbing. Various car manufacturing firms have drifted up their cars’ charges. Here are a few notable car companies who have followed this trait along with the reasons behind this current phenomenon.

Honda is of the major car producers in the country. They are also one of the first line companies to escalate the rates of their cars. Honda, reportedly, has added PKR 7000 to all of its variants. Prices of all booked automobiles have already been upturned. In addition, any kind of price hike in the following months is likely to add up in the charges of already booked cars. Heads of the enterprise have asked dealers to reserve a car only on fifty percent of advance payment. Company also reserves the rights to boom the charges of any of its products at any time of the year. Few of the price (Rs) fluctuations are as below;

Next in the row is Toyota which has elevated the price of its all automobiles. Company has increased the rates for all products except for the booked one for two months i.e. Nov-Oct. Though, as mentioned by the owners, the company is still absorbing a huge of inflation in the market but they are compelled to bump up the charges. Approximately PKR 50,000 to 175,000 was added into the amounts of cars sold in Nov-Dec while prices for New Year deliveries are inflated by PKR 100,000 to 350,000. Some of the price (Rs) variations are as under;

The other major vehicles maker is Suzuki which has inflated the prices 4th time in the year 2018. Almost PKR 30,000 to 40,000 has been added in the rates of all Suzuki variants. Nevertheless, the price addition is not being applied on reserved cars before 1st Nov 2018. The dealers have already been notified about these alterations in charges. Following are some of the variants whose prices (Rs) are reviewed;

Due to sudden rupee depreciation, throughout this year, it is inevitable for all car producers to not to raise the prices of their products. This is what these companies are claiming nowadays. All of the imported merchandises have increased the prices of their variants, 3 or 4 times at least in the same year, due to severe inflation and downfall of Pakistani currency against US dollar. This is a dilemma which is hitting hard on the economy of the country. However, the sale of all these goods isn’t going to down at all and will remain the same as previous, as claimed by certain financial experts.

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