Stephan Hawking — A Brainiac (A Maven of Astrophysics & Cosmology)

Madeeha Saeed

Stephan Hawking — A Brainiac

(A Maven of Astrophysics & Cosmology)

Stephan hawking – a man who refined cosmology with whole new concept, the British physicist and the black hole theory maker, died at 76. Stephan wrote a marvelous book “A brief history of time”, which broke the record of bestselling book in no time. His book’s 10 million copies got distributed worldwide in 20 years. Though, his book was mysteriously referred as the book which was most unread best seller because of its really hard to engulf conceptual format.

Hawking was a patient of “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” i.e. Lou Gehrig’s disease. As, he was diagnosed with this disease at his 21’s, he spent half of his life on a wheel chair, as a paralyzed patient. Hawking, considered to be the longest life span bearer of ALS. He did not let his disease to come as an obstacle or barrier towards his vision, sagacity and fortitude. The core ingredient of his mind, which let him enabled to explore the hidden treasures of cosmological sciences.

He unveiled the messy concept of black holes theory by applying quantum theory. He proposed that black holes are disappearing because of radiation exposure. The radiation was named as “Hawking radiation”. His clarification further explained that black holes with tiny masses evaporate faster. In general, black holes come into existence with a breakage of massive star due to self-gravitational force.

In his book, he extracted the major concepts of time and relativity be referencing through Einstein’s theory of relativity. He was nominated for Nobel Prize in physics as well; due to his immense exploration in infinite worlds of astrophysical sciences. Though, he did not win Nobel Prize but his marvelous work is considered as an astonishing landmark in history of astrophysical sciences.

There were lots of movies and documentaries had been made on his life. Out of all, “The theory of everything”, which was released in 2014 made a mark on peoples’ mind by hitting on the box office with One twenty-three billion US Dollars collection worldwide. Movie was based on his life story in which hawking was a main lead character; played by Eddie Redmayne. Movie grabbed eight awards in multiple genres including, Academy Award, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Awards, Star Screen Guild Award and David Di Donatello for Best European Film awards as well.

In a nutshell, about his life, hawking was in relationship with his girlfriend named, Jane Wilde. In early days of his final year university studies, he met her. He started working on his research and earned his doctoral degree on origins of universe. Later he married Jane, though their marriage lasted at 2007. After four years of his divorce, hawking married his nurse, Elaine Mason.

Hawking spent a life of utmost efforts which are being appreciated by whole world. His death left a hole which cannot be fulfilled but there will be more pioneers like him would be born, who’ll service the world of science by following his footsteps. Hawking, a legendary physicist, would be ranked with Isaac newton and Albert Einstein, because of his rare imaginative capabilities & services in science.

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