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Every society has its own specific culture. And culture is an identity of any individual and nation. The culture of Pakistan is based on Islam. And Islam is the religion which is practiced by the people of Pakistan. Islam is a true religion and it is not possible that it will have impact of any other religion. The present study was about”Spread Indian culture via films and dramas.” The purpose of the study was is to determine the impact of Indian culture on Pakistani society. For many years, Indians have been using their media to spoil Pakistani society by injecting their own culture into it. This is quite dangerous as both of these countries, Pakistan and India, because they share similar culture and language. The mass media is also play a vital role for promoting Indian culture in Pakistani society. A sample of 100 respondents was selected from Okara city through random sampling technique. The results of the present study indicate that most of the respondents were well aware by the adverse impacts of Indian culture in Pakistani society. Such as our life style, language, dressing, marriage ceremonies values and norms are highly influenced by spreading Indian culture in Pakistan. Mass media especially cable network found a major or key factor to spread Indian culture in Pakistani society. It is concluded that the government, mass media, cable operators and every citizen of Pakistan are responsible to follow the real Pakistani culture which is according to the philosophy of Islam.

Key words: Culture, religion, norms and values, life style, dressing, norms and values, and mass media.


Culture is the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people. Every society has its own particular culture and culture is an identity of any individual and nation. Because of living together with Hindu’s for a longer period of time in sub-continent the Muslims were highly affected by their culture. That’s why we are facing different problems and culture conflict at a wide scale. Culture has diverse form across time and space. The word culture has different meanings .culture is also a powerful human tool for survival. The culture is constantly changes and easily lost because it only exists only in our minds.

Media is responsible for the revolution and evolution of heart and mind of common Pakistani people. Media play a vital role in spreading Indian culture in Pakistan. It has changed us both in bad and good way too. Now a days, we are losing our culture due to the different satellite channels. We adopt much Indian culture because of media. Negative impacts are accountable for some more negative changes. And now a day, Indian culture affects our society badly.

Pakistan has an impact of Indian culture in dressing. Pakistan is a Muslim country but people have gained western and Indian culture due to modernization watched by media. In this survey we also observe that the Hindi language is also promotes in Pakistan rapidly through Indian dramas and cartoon so that the people as well as our children adopt many Hindi words. They use “Didi” (sister) “shanti” (skoon) etc in their routine life.

We use simple random sampling technique for data collection through 100 samples and then observe that the cinema industry also play a role in spreading Indian culture in Pakistan. The Indian movies are widely watched by Pakistani people at cinemas which create bad impact on our young generation. The use of vine is very common in Indian films and dramas that’s why Pakistani people also adopted this culture in their routine life.

Our Pakistani media is also adopted and affected by the Indian culture. Pakistani private channels adopted the fashion of Indian. Female wear Indian dresses in dramas and also in their routine life. Female prefer to wear sari in their functions. The Pakistani writer of dramas write the stories which are similar to the Indian drams. The traditions of Indian society is also adopted in Pakistan. The dowry system is also the part of these traditions. Now in Pakistan a lot of amount of money spent on dowry and in marriage ceremonies like mehndi which is the part of Indian culture. The trend of basant is very much increases in Pakistan which is not a part of Pakistani culture.Whenever one of the 70 million mobile phones in Pakistani ring, thust now become slave of media.

Literature review

Taylor, 1920

He searched that the word culture has various meanings which is indicated that culture is the full range of learned the way of living style and human behavior patterns. According to him culture is a strong human tool for survival. But due to globalization of media culture changing in under developed countries rapidly. (Taylor, 1920)


He prescribed that various customs celebrated in Pakistan  are not a part of Pakistani culture like basant (kite flying).but due to the influence of Indian culture these traditions become the part of Pakistani culture and replace the other customs of Pakistan (Mehmood, 2000)

Nisar, 2002

He stated that this is the fact that the TV operator play a vital role in spreading the Indian culture in our Pakistani society because they are involved in playing Indian movies on cable (Nisar,2002) 

Dash, 2004

He  reported that the culture has two different kinds. Material and non material. Material deals with that things which have physical existence and non material refers to such things which have no physical existence, as media has a power and influence the both kinds of culture. ( Dash,2004).

Flangan, 2005

He find that Pakistan young generation prefer to use the ring tunes of title song of some Indian films Indian dramas And movies playing a pivotal role to blending our national language Urdu into Hindi (Flangan, 2005)

CIL, Canada 2005

He reported that culture shed light the every aspect of human life  such as  music, language way of living and interaction with others. Due to media culture of various countries is changing and culture is taught and shared by every member of social system. (CIL, Canada 2005).

Murtaza, 2007

He reported that the Muslims were very much affected by the culture of Hindu’s because of living with them together in sub-continent. That’s why we are culture problems at a wide scale. (Murtaza,2007).Lane and Ersson,2007 reported that culture is a complex whole which have belief, knowledge, customs and other habits gets by a man as a member of society (Lane and Ersson,2007).


He find that Pakistan is a Muslim country, Pakistani culture shows the pure Islamic  culture. Islamic culture in Pakistan sets the code of ethics and Islam is a complete religion which teach the Muslims that how to spend their life. Pakistan gained western and Indian culture due to foreign channels which promoting modern-ization. Indian channels are very famous in Pakistan and these channels are spreading their Hindu’s culture in Pakistan. Now Pakistani people adopted these Hindu’s traditions in their own festivals (Batool, 2007).

Anonymous, 2010

He reported that the influence of Indian culture can be clearly observed in our marriage ceremonies and other festivals. The dowry system in Pakistan is also adopted by the Indian culture. (Anonymous, 2010).

Afzal, 2010

 He find that it is observed that due to the Indian channels Pakistani people involve in adopting the Indian tradition like basant is a cultural festival of India but it is adopted by Pakistani young generation rapidly. Our advertisement  and TV plays are follow the theme of Indian TV programmes. Due to the media the youth of Pakistan feel no shyness in watching vulgar films and often watch low standard movies in front of their parents. (Afzal, 2010) 


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