Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media On Youth

Kiran Batool

Media is the central means of mass communication .media is the plural form of the medium such as it includes the newspapers, magazines, TV, radio,  telephone, fax, and internet and social media is the computer-based technology through which people can easily be shared the ideas and solved the different issues. Media plays an important role in our daily life; it is the best for the source of information. It has the effect on the society such as positive and negative effects. Media also provides the academic learning to youth. Media is storage and transmission channels and used to store and delivered the data. Media reduced the distance between communicators. Social media is a place where people interact with each other’s and shares their knowledge and search the solution of their problems. A global computer network is providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

In February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard University with the help of Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin launched this website so that people can easily interact and shared their creative power. Twitter is a best for the twist. Social media as Twitter is a Micro-blogging service that enables a person to contact with each other. It also provides the necessary elements to recreate the historical event as an individual profile, communication, relationships and time.MySpace is a practical guide for anyone in the brand building. It helps in business marketing as it increased our social contact which is a necessity for business. Viber is a best for calling. Cyberbullying and personal fraud also lead towards the isolations such as children remain busy with friends and ignore their parents. Our generation is the first to be surrounded by digital media. On January 1, 1983, the Official “birthday” of the internet, the new communication system was developed. The cultural pattern is affected through social media such as making the chat room.AIM was one of the first online communication technologies that encouraged users to communicate with the people who are existing in real time. They started the online conversation with the others persons. They send invitations to the others people and accepted. Technological development reduced the copper length. People moved towards modern worlds through television by them.

Social media has many positive effects on the society such as the introduction of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are the best sources to increase the communication skills. For example, Facebook, allows people to join different organizations, play games, and even instant message. Millions of people remain closed with each other via social media. Confidence level and communication skills have been enhancing through social media. Social media has enabled the people such as they are co-present even they are not physically present at a time. Through the internet, younger generations can easily communicate and enhanced knowledge gate (Boyd, 2008; Wolak, Mitchell, &Finkelhor, 2002). Users upload the video, post on facebook, twitter and Skype and easily discussed social issues poverty, domestic violence, gender discrimination, poor socialization. They share the knowledge with their existing friends and gain the knowledge from them. Social Networking Sites have become popular since the year 2002 and it also attracted the millions of Internet user’s.Through the social media, the user can easily transfer the public and private messages to others (Livingstone, 2008). Social media have positive impacts such as online conversation with their teachers and others researcher, and also discussed the social issues in detailed. Most people prefer to use the internet and search the different websites for their benefits. Social media has negative the impact on the student such as viewer and video players act more aggressively and remain frustrated. The Internet creates both types of the opportunity as formal and informal learning. College students are more interested to use the social networking sites. Students learn the new techniques through media. Student updates the wall post and shared the knowledge with others. Social media have been creating the challenges and opportunities for youth. Digital machinery is used around the world that’s helpful in higher education. The world is a speedily moving and everyone wants to be a part of the competition in the word there are the different social issues as a violation of women’s, corruption, adverse effect of global, crime against the women that we discussed through the social media. Social network such as portfolio provides the solution to recruiters and job seekers. Due to the development of the social media and technology, changes occur in the behavioural models of the tourists. Breast cancer is a serious problem among youth. Social media play an important role to give the awareness about the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer in boy and girl is common. Two youtube videos were arranged to give the information about the risk of breast cancer and smoking. In past, radio, TV and print media as posture, pamphlets were used to gives the message to prevent from the health crisis. The Internet is the best source to gives the information about health.



Social media have the negative impacts on the youth such as increasing the conflicts between the youth, people give the deception to others through the social media. Boys and girls can easily deceptive to others and flirting with them. Social network sites also help the students in school and college life (Alexander & Salas, 2008). Social media impact on the children behaviour such as negative impact by seeing video games. Suicide and sexual activity are increasing among the people.Conflicts between the parents and the children also enhanced. Now a day’s using the internet is common but it creates the depressing among the people such as deception. The harassment and crime rate have been increasing among children that used the internet (Sachdev,2007;  Guan, 2009). Media violence adds to the risk feelings such as college students before the age of age of 18 years make the online survey and glimpse the necked people. Violence may affect the behaviour of youth such as naked videos and pornography (Sidsdiqui et al., 2016).

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