Should The Green Line Bus Project Have Been Given Their First Priority?

Should The Green Line Bus Project Have Been Given Their First Priority?

A wise saying is that “A stitch in time, save nine” and yes indeed if we give the priority to those things which are more important to us and with whom we are connected, then definitely in that way we can not only save our precious time and energy (in different forms) but also we can be appreciated by others if those things are important to them as well. I am actually highlighting a major issue of the citizens of Karachi. Nowadays if any of the tourists come to Karachi then the roads will surely welcome him with their bad conditions as the infrastructure has totally been damaged. The Karachi people have been suffering from this bad infrastructure whether they are school going children, college or University going students, office going workers or any other. It is totally beyond the thoughts of a common man that what was the good of it to give the priority to new roads and bridges at first or to give the priority to the transport system at first especially in that country where people are dying with poverty, degree holders are jobless, majority of the citizens cannot receive pure water, shortage of electricity and natural gas is common, students are facing difficulties due to power breakdown, workers are in depression, industries are in hardship and so on.

If you are travelling from Surjani town to North Karachi, from North Karachi to Nazimabad, from Nazimabad to Numaish and sadder the damaged roads with full of sewerage water will try their best to resist you there, traffic jams are another hazardous that you will face, due to this the dust is found everywhere which pollutes the environment, many of the trees at the roadsides have been cut down owing to this Air pollution has increased. Karachi people are suffering from dust allergy, flu and throat, eye allergic cases has also been reported. Travelling from one place to another place in the city is Augean nowadays. Only 2% of the Karachi’s population are living in developed areas rest of the 98% population are living in underdeveloped and underprivileged areas, their major problem is their income, their jobless children, power breakdown, water shortage, shortage of Sui gas etc. rather than transport. The Government should have been focused and should have given the priority to these major problems at first instead of wasting huge amount on building roads and bridges.

The negative impact on the environment in term of pollution and degradation is also growing because we are busy in increasing the number of vehicles which lead to raising the global warming. I am very afraid that if we do not stop this we would not only have more diseases but also air pollution and increase in the earth’s temperature. There is a need to reduce these problems. Karachi people are waiting vehemently when their major problems will be resolved by the government which is elected by them.

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