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Generally, when you listen to self-respect it’s just mean that it is to yourself. Just me, only me. Your mind click is to just you. You are thinking to just yourself.

But why you did not know yourself????

Why you did not know your worth????

But there is some more clear meaning to self-respect. Self-Respect is to

Stand up for yourself

To having a pride and confidence in oneself life

Faith in oneself


Bloom with grace.

Be true to yourself and follow your heart.

Believe in yourself.

Self-respect leads to self-discipline.

Respect your goals dreams opportunities and feeling.

Having the capability to face everything alone with more courage and confidence.

Its connect to inner peace.


Why self-respect is too important!!!

First!! There is no single thing which is useless in the world everything has their will and place on their own side. Even then a minor stone is too be very important for making a rock street. But very important Just look at yourself……… “ALHAMDULILLAH” You are the human being you are the best creature of this universe. You are the great aspect of this world. Then why you did not recognize yourself.

Why you put yourself idle???

Why you did not know yourself???

Why you did not know your worth???

Why you did not recognize your skills??

Why you think that you cannot do anything??

Why you have not enough confidence to prove yourself???

What is the thing which made you so lazy and you don’t raise your skills up??

Why you put yourself so draggle??

Why you put yourself so down??

Why you put yourself to squeeze to grow up alone???

Why you put yourself down to someone knee???

Be Yourself!!!!

Probably Self-respect is the name of knowing your worth, knowing your inner, knowing yourself as much better as no one can understand you. Respect and trust are the two easiest things for someone to lose and the hardest thing is to get back. When you talking about somebody he will just understand you just for seek to their own will which he has had in their mind? He will just listen to you but he will capture you as he is thinking for you. If he thinks you as a wrong person then there is nothing matter how you are good at having communication skills or you have a perfect life standard in your life career. Because is the matter of thinking which everyone has GOD gifted ability. so when you realize that he is just listening to you and do not understand your words and your worth then there is no need to arguments and no need to explain yourself in front of such type of these fool peoples. Because they made up their mind and they will not change it after your explanation. So it is better for you!!

You should ignore that person. Because you have your own life you won place your own standard your own name and fame. You have your own dignity. One thing is also very important if you think that you have not enough ability to grow up please don’t push down yourself just keep trying and never lose heart. Because you can change the side of this world. You are the human being. You can do everything which you want. You are the perfect thing in this universe. Don’t listen to them who make you down, disgrace you and insult you in front of everyone. Just leave that type of people for their own mercy. Prove yourself by using your own will. You should don’t allow someone to treat you poorly because you have your own self-respect.

Never compromise your values to please other people know your respect and move forward. And never beg someone to be in your life if you call, text and visit that person and he did not respond you properly then now there is the time to leave him and it is called self-respect. if he found you more valuable in their life then he surely in touch with you if he not then it’s understood you have nothing in their life just collect yourself and build a high rated building with your skills and defiantly you will get more value. Don’t let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you. Don’t waste yourself for those who deserve your ignorance don’t think too much for them because they do not deserve your pure kind heart.

Keep silence and move away. Because sometimes the most powerful thing you can give you someone is to say nothing to that person who always disgraces you. You have your own life your own dignity and how dare of someone who disrespects to you. Because self-respect is everything it is more weighted than love.

 You hold the number of years to make your respect but there is no complete second to rebuff the earned respect. There is the hard way to count the feeling of people who respect you because there is no tool to invent who read the inner feeling of someone. You can just control the feeling of your own because a good person has not guaranteed that others will be good people with them as I thinking to them good. You can only choose to accept them as they are and walk away.

There is something wrong with this generation when we are talking about either you hate me from your heart then definitely there is the chance of bad words and he will reply!! “no, no at all I am not thinking like you are thing narrow then matter is that there is no single man admit their fault because there is the matter of self-respect whom everyone has and everyone did not wish to make a slight rash on their respect.”

Don’t lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make people accept, love and appreciate you when they just are not capable. You care for those people who did not care about you. Just care yourself If we lose love and self-respect for each other this is now we finally die.

Don’t waste your life trying to impress others. Keep it simple, keep it honest, and keep it you. Never goes out to your style. To make yourself enough strong to meet every type of challenges which you are facing in life. It’s the courage and feeling in which everyone is behaving with more honor and dignity. Don’t let your loyalty become slavery. If they don’t appreciate what you bring to the table “let them eat alone”.

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