Self Loves Come First

Saman Arif


In this huge struggle of setting priorities, man fails every day. Struggling for good food, excellent education, luxurious house, expensive car and other gadgets is a story of every next person. In this so-called race, the priorities won and the man lost his battle. Every next person falling in depression because their inner souls are less satisfied. And there’s a kind of trend that who-so-ever falls in the depression people suggest them to start praying. It is an idea that when a person leaves his prayer and go far away from his God, so he falls in depression. Definitely it’s true but why would someone go to pray for himself when a person gets suicidal or gets no ambitions. There’s one thing that’s missing. This is what I am calling self-love. When a person starts loving himself then he would want to work for his own and would definitely go for a prayer and everything that is good for him.

 A very first thing is to learn to say “It’s okay”. This really works. Close your eyes, take a little longer breathe. Exhale all the frustrations out and then saying it’s okay. Continue till you start believing on your own… Trust me these all shits are temporary. They are going to end soon. Keep on working for your own. Live your life like the way you want to. Failure really doesn’t mean an end to one’s life. Try again with more energy. If it is not working try again. How many times would you fail? After all, you going to do that successfully. Listen! Cut your own hair. Dye it blue, then shave it off when you are bored of it. Wear that outfit with those shoes. Paint your nails with all the colors of the rainbow. Go to the movie alone. Get coffee, then drink it at that special place you like. Mouth the words of the song you are listening to on public transport. Put that thing on your wall. Bake. Draw. Dance in your favorite pajamas. Life is so much better when you don’t give a fuck. You are strong. Own it. Tell yourself, I can heal with my own wounds and I don’t need anyone’s help. I can stand all by myself. Keep saying it till it is you all believe in. Remember this is life, not heaven. You don’t have to be perfect. Be real. Be the way you actually are.

 In today’s world, people have ended up adoring their own looks. Everyone wants to look great and there’s a trend of beauty apps. I mean come in you don’t need all those. You are already so beautiful. Have faith on your own. Stop paying heck to things like I can’t take my pictures in dim light, my face is dark. Love your every feature. That is all that you own only. You are different in your way. You don’t always need accessories and people for your happiness. Surround yourself with wise people. Fewer people but the real one. Talking to your own is the best way of getting to know what you actually want. Your inner soul is your best friend. Consult with your own every day and keep on motivating your own. Stop paying heck to what would people think. It’s your life and you know it better to live.

Note: I have always loved to write on this topic. I really want to end up depression in this world and want to spread self-love among people.

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