Science Of Women

Science Of Women


Women having in the different relationship, sometimes she is the mother, sister, wife and beloved, women possess the strongest cell of brave, courage and genuine that cell which seems to be the conquest. All these cells namely mother, sister, wife and beloved may be simultaneously present in a single specimen.

Anatomy of Women:

When we talk about the anatomy of women, in the natural state, the woman has two eyes, two ear two arms, two legs, and long plaits of hair swinging on the back. Some anatomists have pointed out the acute shortage of Brain because of very explosive reaction experimental laboratory tests in this respect are avoided. Her color varies in different parts of the world. But her nature and charm remain the same.


Every woman has a craze for new clothes, money and jewelry. With the clothes, her attachment is maintained only to the first wearing of it. Her look in a way as the magnetic appeal of a particular garment subsides rapidly and new items of dress obsess her thoughts. In the Similar way, the kind of reaction takes place in Case of money. As long as it is beyond reach, every woman shows an unparalleled- enthusiasm to obtain it, but once it is obtained, she shows equal enthusiasm in getting rid of it. The process usually observed in this connection is the procurement of new dresses and cosmetics.

At the slightest presence of pathos, she starts sobbing and eventually bursts into tears, which dry up as quickly as they come.


Women have got an antithetic approach to the points of belief. Those things which have a logical ground of belief are usually spurned away by her, while those things which have little evidence of trout about them is rapidly accepted.Though slender in construction to the point of moving the poets to wonder whether her waist exists or not, she has got an iron determination to the point of a puzzle. Once she decides to get some things or do something then the world may go the other way round on it exists the women will not give up that idea.

As a mother, she loves her children more than her own life.


Every woman has a tropical disease of her natural looks and is constantly endeavoring to improve her appearance by the use of cosmetics tics. It is peculiar in her case to plume herself on her achievement of losing her natural, simple charms and appearing in ridiculous paints, puffs, powders hairstyles etc. This tendency grows with the years, but lapses at advanced stages.


In the presence of a catalytic agent of ”the praise of her beauty” She completely loses all sense and is oxidized in such a situation she becomes elastic and can be molded according to will and desire. Whenever required, women can give out a Storm of tears which are more vigorous solvents than “Aqua Regia”  and have the capacity of more vigorous solvents than ”Aqua Regia” and have the capacity of melting the hardest hearts.Because her action of beauty is very fast and endothermic she has caused many big wars to break out. The most remarkable example is that of ”Helen of Troy” Who is said to have drawn out a thousand ships on the battlefield.


Women have got a gynecological disease of weakness which has misguided great writers and thinkers. Shakespeare being one of them asserted “frailty-thy name is women” while latest research has led the gynecologists to believe otherwise and they have applied successfully the strength of women in the strategic matter, especially spying.


Being alcoholic nature, the intoxicating effects of women vary from specimen to specimen, the attaining bubbling vivacity at 14, sparkling in change into the vinegar properties.

The uses of woman are so numerous in number, that there is no need of paper that must be large enough to cover them. Which has been produced so far? The chiefs among them is, anyhow to produce and continue the human race.

One good mother is worth a thousand schoolmasters. I am glad that I am not a man, for then I should have to marry women. Women and watches seldom go correctly. Love in France is a comedy, In England a tragedy, In Italy an opera, In Germany a melodrama, In Pakistan a fear and chaos. Fools are flowers that grow in dirty places. Marriage is an institution in which man loses his bachelor’s degree without acquiring his master’s. The old-time mother’s used to wonder where her boy was. The present time boy wonders where his mother is. Money is the bottomless sea, in which honor, conscience and truth may be drowned. Do not contact the lady to complete your bad wishes. Test and try before you buy. Do not rely on beauty because it fades without warning. Try and try but never ask a why. First luck then work, Luck and labor live together.



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