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We salute to twelve years old Saim who has lost his life for the sake of others. Little Saim live in the Kashmir valley, where he belongs to the very poor family.  He often came to there, because of his home very near to the Neelum valley and his father sold the Pakora, food item near the Neelum. One day little Saim had to face severely damaged, what he saw that was heart touching incident. On 13 may a sudden shocking news come to hear in the Azad Kashmir at Neelam valley. Wherein 12 people killed and several others were missing. The incident occurred due to collapsing of the bridge at a tourist sit in Azad Kashmir Neelam valley. We salute to 12 years old Saim, who retrieved a body from Neelum River, rescued a person and when he jumped into the river to save other people, he was swept away by the waves. Although he has lost his life but proves out that how he was the brave boy who doesn’t fear the death, where he lost his life to save two lives of others. What a great boy?  Who has proved out that how much life of others is important than the death of yours.

Azad Kashmir Neelum valley one of the most attractive tourism places, where most of the people from all over the world come to visit here. Especially in the vacation days from Pakistan: Punjab province many visitors come to visit this beautiful valley. Unfortunately, many times, very badly accidental situation occurred. In the same manner, one unwanted incident took place. Including with 12 students. The son of pakora seller how much he was brave that he had the courage at the age of twelve years to give his own life to save others life.

Bravo the little boy Saim, your bravery is quite adorable your strength of love with the life of others shows your eminent courage. We all salute to your bravery,that you have shown in your teenager.  Many people say, that children have a small chick like heart, but Saim has proved out that how many children is the brave and strong heart. When he never fear the death. We demand to the Government for the national award of Saim which he deserves. Saim was alone who was fighting for the life of others. Saim wants to save the life’s of others, but unfortunately, he lost his life.


  • May 22, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Very sad
    Surely saim deserve for the national award


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