Rules And Ethics For Media

              Rules And Ethics For Media

Talking about media, when we come to talk about media, every one attention goes to the mass communication.

Basically, media is the source to show out the reality. But when I start to discuss it many different views coming from the public that is most negative about media but why? The point that is hardly given any attention is the role of our so-called vibrant media in promoting the agenda of militants. Militant’s main purpose is to create a state of terror in the country while propagating their agenda through different means of communication. They are airing their agenda in their remote areas through their radio channels. They use the Internet as a modern way of communication for getting the attention of the international community.

Media is the four estate of the parliamentarian. No doubt media is most powerful. Media can watch what media want to show. Not only Pakistan but every country in the world possesses the most powerful media networks. Then still this matter is objectionable about media that why media is wasting their energy in the slander, scandals stories, which don’t have any sort of positive meaning. Including with at the many places this news come heard that if you will pay more money you will get many times repeated stories.

The story which would be full of scandals of any person. He can be from politicians or may form another personality. Media lose the prestige of the man. Rather than showing the scandal or slander stories, media must have to work on exclusive stories. Handsome funding is the part of media. In the field of reality where everything is open and clear by live programs then there should be careful of ethics of the man. The power of media is that within the second’s familiarity of the man and also another mode within the second’s destruction of the man ethics.

There should be careful of ethics of the man, due to an ethics and careless manners of any group or field could lose the life as well as the prestige of the man. Stories must be having serious meaning or worth: deserving or requiring serious attention.

Showing the reality not fake stories wherein the result of fake and odd stories is the deformation of the society and coming generation.

With the rapid increase and advancements in the society, no doubt the world has transformed into a global village. Every one looking busy in the search for wealth, where man values have spoiled. I see race in our life, race or status, race of wealth and even race of our personalization, how we look, what we wear, in which hotel we eat and most of our life part we are going to spend in the destruction of the values and ethics of the man.

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