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Sabika Sheikh, a 17-year-old Pakistani scholar Youth Exchange and Study programmer in the US, was one of the 10 people killed when a teenage classmate opened fire in the Santa Fe High School in Texas yesterday. “We search out about the shooting from different TV channels and tried, but failed to contact Sabika and her friends,” said Sabika’s father Abdul Aziz, , whose  confirmed the news of their daughter’s death, “after a four to five hour delay.” According to her father, Sabika the eldest among three sisters but younger than her brother was due to return home on June 9. Her family had been excited and counting the days till her return. Searching from city Karachi, Sabika was declared as a very brilliant student by her father. She had completed very powerfully her matriculation from Karachi Public School.

She was an honor roll student at the Santa Fe High School.US Ambassador David Hale expressed regret at Sabika’s death with the following message posted on the US Embassy Pakistan’s that is genuinely great full effected. “This morning, I called her family of and offered my deepest soul. As an exchange student, Sabika was a youth ambassador, a bridge between our peoples and her citizens’ cultures. All of us more efforts at the US Mission in Pakistan are devastated by and depressed her loss. We will present honors her memory.” Sabika’s death is heartbreaking and will be emotionally deeply both here in the United States, and in Pakistan.”

Our thoughts and humblest prayers are with Sabika’s family and friends, on the other side Among the victims was Sabika Sheikh, a Pakistani exchange brilliant student. He said that Sabika “came to the US to learn, to experience, to share and to bring back to her country all the knowledge she acquired during her exchange.” Her planning and motive was very on high peak stage that she want to comes true in any condition. “This girl came to our country shows very excitement   and to learn more about our culture and our educational system to be able to further given the opportunities in her nation and all another many students, only to lose her life here in a senseless act of violence. Her family who hasn’t seen her for probably 10 months now, had to receive this horrific news from halfway across the world, barely knowing what was going on.” It’s really can’t bearable news for her family.

“She was young, happy and super-excited and awaited to go back to her country. She was going to return in a few days. She has done an amazing job being an ambassador of her country here, “When she left for this trip, she was supposed to be gone for 10 months. But now she is gone forever. “And if this is not enough to prove that victims of death something is wrong and something needs to change, I don’t know what else would be, in whole situation” he concluded. Sabika “came to the US to learn, to experience, and gaining knowledge to share and to bring back to her country all the knowledge she acquired and get demanded  The manager of the programing system of the Yes programmer, sent a letter to students in the program confirming that Sabika Sheikh was killed in the shooting very badly. Its really hard is devastated by this loss and we will remember Sabika and her families in our thoughts and prayers,” She said in the program holding a moment of silence for Sabika, who is pictured “Texas” in a photo being shared on social media. Sabika was due to go back home to Pakistan for Eidul-Fitr, “May Allah bless her soul and may she RIP,”

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