Revolutionized Beauty Standard!

Revolutionized Beauty Standard!


What is beauty?

Beauty; the very first thought that comes to our mind after listening this word would be someone/something that is “attractive, satisfying, and pleasant”. It is a socially & culturally constructed concept.

Conventional beauty standard:

In past few decades, each and everything has revolutionized so rapidly from technologies to philosophical concepts, entertainment to politics. But the concept of ‘Beauty’ has remained the same. Centuries ago, we have declared ‘beauty’ as a relative or subjective term (considered true only from the perspective of a subject & varies from person to person).  Talking about humans, we have a general idea about beauty. As famous Disney characters also depict; long/shiny hair, perfect body weight & height, round shaped colored eyes, teeth like pearls, rich and care-free entities with ravishing looks & dresses and so on. A typical poetic definition of beauty includes a person having an attractive face, whitish skin tone, sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, pinkish lips, hair as smooth as silk or as black as night. A dimple would be a plus. Have you ever noticed that when you met a person the first time, he/she would be most beautiful, charming & captivating to you? But when you met them second or third time, you weren’t mesmerized by their beauty as you were previously.

Why so?

It means we can conclude that ‘beauty isn’t an everlasting concept’

If a group of few people were told to rank certain list of the employees of an office on a nominal scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of beauty. Everybody would classify/ rank every individual with a different number. So, using the old notion of beauty, it is confirmed that beauty is a relative term.

Real beauty standard:

By reading the above lines, don’t you think that we should redefine the perception of beauty? Don’t we need an absolute or even a modified scale for beauty? We can devise a new scale of beauty and the parameters would be the level of intelligence, etiquettes, and diligence (hard work).

Again, if a group of people were asked to rank the same list of employees with the previously mentioned scale to classify the most beautiful person in terms of our parameters. I am pretty confident that 95% of people would rank one or two particular persons on top. So, here beauty becomes an absolute (universally valid) concept.

According to this new scale, a beautiful person would become more beautiful to us when we get to know more & more about him/her. We all know that intelligence always shocks.  An intelligent person would be more attractive when we knew him even closer. Same would happen in case of diligence & etiquettes.


In pursuance of conventional beauty, teens & adults often lead to depression, low self-esteem, dieting (starving even better), expensive beauty treatments, etc

While, the use of, this new scale would lead us towards bringing the positive change in our society.  People would be motivated towards polishing their skills, talents, perspectives & brain. They would like to pursue well mannerism, to become more productive, efficient & committed. They would try even harder to flourish theirs’ own personalities.

It would result in well-groomed individuals with high self-esteem & self-confidence. In this way, beauty has a vast margin to get improved. There would be no fakeness in it. This would be the revolutionized beauty standard.

 Whether you are going to adopt it or not, the decision is still yours.

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