Review MIG-29!

Review MIG-29!

 Well, I am not an Aero dynamist or Fighter Pilot but Modern world’s New generation is everything at the same time, It is Cool and disgusting at the same time. As owing to the fact that My Dad, Who is RT of Pakistan Air Force said to me, “Jack Of All Trades-Master of None”.

I think, He is right!


There I want to share my personal review about Solvak MIG-29 Fulcrum aircraft. Although, In MIG series, My Favorite aircraft is Mikoyan Mig-31 Foxhound, Even though MIG-35 is there. With This Little intro, let us come to the point.

I am going to put critical review. Skipping MIG Series history and so on what come ; what replace, Maneuverability, Refueling, Mach speeds, Weapons, Combats, Launches, performances ETC. As everything that have good sight also have flawful sight too. Yes! Along with MIG-29 Awesomeness, Flaws are also there.

Our Neighbor Friend, (Fire_End*), India conduct Solvak Mig-29 in front of Pakistan’s F-16 and JF-17. Mig-29 is the potent aircraft of IAF; Though Mig-29 is Single-seat air superiority fighter. One 30mm cannon plus air to air missiles, P.S Consumption of 30mm six barrel Gatlin gun, Carrying capability of Nuclear weapons with good ability of firepower, Awesome armament, and maneuverability make it totally chocolaty aircraft but perhaps Perfection Is Unacceptable lie. Yes! MIG-29 is structurally flawed now.

The MiG-29 is the most advanced aircraft of the MiG series so far but That MiG-29 has serious limitations too.

“The Russian-made MiG-29 has a tendency to develop cracks due to corrosion in the tail fin. Russia has shared this finding with India, which emerged after the crash of a Russian Air Force MiG-29 in December 2008. “(REPORTED)

Well! MIG 29 was made to counter F-16. They were Neck and Neck for Earlier versions. Too bad, that F-16s 4,400 Aircraft production run simply meant they were in service for way longer and hence needed upgrades. Compare F-16 CD/EF or IN with MIG 29 SMT. It does not make any sense now. Does it? MIG-29 is already lost in this scenario. As it is very crudely built aircraft. So only chance for Russia is to go back to drawing board and redesign the whole thing with better materials and structural dynamics. Otherwise, the Forces of countries like IAF should opt for jf17.

As I mentioned above, there is no game left for comparison, But One may say that and even without favoritism; When Aircrafts come in comparison over quality, reliability, Performance, maneuverability, and Battle and combat capabilities. Then USAF will definitely beat their confronting players in a kick. Especially, when we talk about F-16. The most interesting thing I must say there, Many Air forces using MIG Series Aircrafts like MIG21’s and MIG29’s, Even though they knows well about the fact, that inferior spare parts are engineered. That is a big crap. This is what causes them to have atrocious mishap rates.

One Example, IAF Decided once to send back MIG-29s to Russia For up gradation Major Deal was the MiG-29 upgrade include installing beyond visual range air-to-air missiles. IAF had inked a major deal to upgrade its 78 MiG-29 fighters. Fool has no tool. If One can buy absolutely Best thing by giving Heavy tag of money is might be good than by giving billions and billions on up gradation of Inferiorities. The modification they did I do not think they will change the engines but again concerning force would know more what is going on in IAF than me. The biggest problem of MiG-29 is FUEL. It has ridiculously little fuel for its size. Another problem that this “light” fighter is not light at all. I am quite aware of the MiG-29K program, they have a beautiful Sea Wasp Engine. The current MiG-29A’s of the IAF are a headache to the force, and I don’t know much about their up gradation program to SMT. Looking at the History of IAF, I am sure they won’t go for the Plain Vanilla Russian SMT, but rather an SMT which has Israeli and French inputs. I will try to dig up some more. If they do not Change the engine’s then no amount of up gradation is good enough. Smoking RD-33, with their low uptime and low fuel inefficacy is the IAF biggest Nightmare, more than the avionics and Weapons capability. However, one thing is very clear, bad fuel efficiency and bad uptime’s, the IAF is not happy at all about the MIG-29A in its force.

Mig-29 is indispensable for India, IAF has been flying the 29’s since the 80’s and it is a question of more years. People expect IAF Mig 29 also to be not cost-effective. Russian fighters are known for cheap unit costs, but not for best quality and maintenance costs and not every country will get that kind of assistance like India gets as the number 1 arms buyer of Russia. MIG-29’s battle record has been nothing short of miserable against U.S ones. Its range is also too limited to be a modern multi-role fighter. It is an interceptor for air-to-air defense, but unsuitable for long-range deployment.

Against the USAF, the MiG-29’s in service with third world countries never really stood a chance. Where it really proved itself was in service with the Luftwaffe in DACT exercises including F-16s, F-104s, F-15s and F-5s.

The Bitter fact for IAF is the export rules are complex and often unfair. The good news is that the latest crop of weaponry being delivered to Pakistan is truly state of the art – the F-16’s, the newer AIM-120, the AIM-9M. I have stated many times the latter (AIM-9M) is, I think, the best IR missile in the world, despite claims from Israel (Python) and Russia. Moreover, there is a combat track record to back that up. For Pakistan the only thing, lacking is the Raptor, and that is not going to anybody in the near future. The basics of the F-16 AI radar are little different from the F-15, varying only in beam width and power. The F-15 will have a slightly greater detection range, a slightly better ability to break-out closely spaced targets, but in an air to air role, AMRAAM equipped F-16’s can do 95% of what an F-15 can do.

P.S One drawback is still unmentioned. The MiGs got lesser kills because of lack of training in Middle East; anyone can look what MiGs flown by Indians did to American jets flown by Pakistani pilots, yes! Indians got air superiority within days. Capability of jet is important bruh, but pilot quality is the determining factor 🙂 .How many F-16s or other U.S. made aircraft were shot down by India in the Kargil conflict is mentioned on wiki. Wikipedia lists two Indian MiGs and a helicopter and one Pakistani aircraft. It also says that Pakistan held their F-16s back and that India had the advantage of the fine Mirage 2000H strike aircraft. Since then India has spent heavily on European and U.S. aircraft and not much on Russia aircraft.

It means IAF Admit that MiGs and Sukhois are ok aircraft but they are not nearly European, American, Japanese, and Korean aircraft. While many examples like The Mig 29’s did not do so well against F-15’s in Iraq that is for sure, they were shot down. Meanwhile, The MiG 21 is a good example – designed as a short range, ground controlled, and daylight interceptor. The comparable F-4 is a much longer range, much more independent in action, much more capable at night and in the weather. For good reason, the Indian MiG 21s are infamous for crashing routinely. They have a reputation as a pilot killer. When the Egyptians traded their MiGs for F-4s, they were extremely happy. They had intended them to fly for a few years and then be retired – the retirement was delayed for years. For good reason, India has invested wisely in C-130s, C-17s, and European fighters.

Most aircraft flown by Indians in 1965 and 1971 wars were either British or French made. Hawker Hunter, Gnats, Mysteres. Mig-21s were not fully operational in 1965 war (as per the book flight of the falcon by Air commodore (r) sajad haider who destroyed two Indian MiG’s on ground during a raid) and in 1971 MiG-21 did shot down One F-104 Starfighter of PAF and I guess a couple of F-86 Sabres., While a Pakistani F-86 sabre shot down one Indian MiG-21. Pakistani air force F-16’s, however, did shot down MiGs in Afghan War with Soviets. Su-22’s, MiG23’s.

Mig-29 lived its life. It was a formidable fighter and will be remembered one of the best of its kind. Now let us move to 5th generation fighters now.


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