Renowned Maritime Patrol Aircraft – II

Renowned Maritime Patrol Aircrafts – II

Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules vs   Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

We all here are mostly love combat aviation; Every Nine people in ten are lovers of Combat aviation. Today, Here In this article I am going to merge both Commercial and combat world of aviation. In my last Part i.e. “Renowned Maritime Patrol Aircrafts – I I gave an analysis of Saab 2000 & Bombardier 8 (The Q-Series). Now, I’ll talk about the two legends, which are being used in combat world exclusively and are not Fighter aircrafts by themselves. Yes, C-130 & C-17; both are patrol aircrafts used by world’s best air forces for patrolling and reconnaissance.

Hercules and Globemaster are considered to be the most famous patrolling aircrafts in the world. They are 22% more boastful than any other same category aircraft in market. That is about three times more boastful than their closest rivals. Firstly, we can review their main traits.

Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules:  (Military Propeller plane)

Can fly 1,852 nautical miles farther at 2,835 nautical miles

Has a lower ceiling by 870 ft at 28,000 ft

Can reach a 142 knot (163 mph) higher max. cruise speed at 362 knots (416 mph)

Is 129,305 lbs heavier at 155,005 lbs

Has a 1.54 ft taller cabin at 8.99 ft

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III:  (Cargo Plane)

Is $178,000,000 more expensive at $218 million

Can fly 350 nautical miles farther at 2,400 nautical miles

Can cruise 12,000 ft higher at 45,000 ft

Can reach a 158 knot (182 mph) higher max. cruise speed at 450 knots (518 mph)

Outputs 100,308 more lbf of thrust at 162,000 lbf

Is 472,565 lbs heavier at 585,000 lbs

Seats 42 more passengers at 102 passengers

When we categories Hercules job, we come to know many tasks which has to done by this aircraft e.g. Transport, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Equipment, Military, Air Force Equipment, Marine Corps Equipment, Coast Guard. This bird is incredibly a multi tasker and approximately 951 Hercules are in service operations in different part of world. The Air force fight airlift fleet, the C-130 Hercules has been in service for more than half a century. Engineered in particular to move troops and gadget inside the combat quarter thru airdrop or brief runways, the Hercules operates in the course of the USAF. C-130J is the latest addition which replaced the old version which was C-130Es. It is equipped with four Allison AE2100D3 turboprop engines, each rated at 4,591 shaft horsepower (3,425kW). In concern of cargo systems, its cargo bay of the C-130J has a total usable volume of more than 4,500ft³ and can accommodate loads up to 37,216lb. In its stealth tech, Northrop Grumman MODAR 4,000-colour weather and navigation radar are being installed with range of 250nm for weather radar. In concern of market credibility, In order to compile recent ratios of orders; The Lockheed Martin received a $10bn contract in August 2016 to patch up USAF’s future orders under C-130J production program. The preview of contract includes foreign military sales.

Meanwhile, Globemaster III military airlift aircraft is a high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport vehicle capable of carrying payloads up to 169,000lb (76,657kg). There are 280 duplicates of this bird are in service. On task sheet C-17 is able to do U.S. military, transporting troops and cargo, performing airlifts and medical evacuations, and flying airdrop routes all over the world. In concerns of cargo, the cargo compartment allows the C-17 to carry a wide range of vehicles, palleted cargo, paratroops, air-drop loads and aero medical evacuees. The Countermeasure technology; AN/AAR-47 has a suite of surface-mounted thermal sensors around the aircraft, which detect the thermal signature of the missile exhaust plume. The four Pratt & Whitney PW2040 (military designation-F117-PW-100) turbofan engines with 40,440lb thrust each are integrated in the wings. Moreover, it has been reported that 56 USAF C-17 aircraft are equipped with the Northrop Grumman large aircraft infra-red countermeasures (LAIRCM) system. In market credibility, Globe master has 700 suppliers in 44 states.

Now, on comparison table, we see many aspects which will glorify one or might be it will tie on glorifying both on their efficiency. In concern of range, Hercules wins; it can fly 435 Nautical miles farther than the Globe master. Meanwhile, we see Globe master wins when we analyze altitude of both planes i.e. Globe master can fly 17K (17,000) feet higher than the Hercules. In speed, Globe master again is up than Hercules i.e It can touch a figure of 88 knots faster than the Hercules. Now, in weights, Hercules weighs 429,995 pounds less than Globe master because C-17 is much bigger in size than C-130. So, As C-17 is bigger than C-130, so its payload will be more i.e. 128,900 pounds more than C-130. Meanwhile, In Concern of Passenger capacity, Wingspan, Height and Length Globe master is chasing above than Hercules.

Beside Official Opinions which are more precise than Mind’s guesses, if we talk about majority opinions, there is a weird collapse of conflicts lies in between pilots. Some find themselves, easy and go in C-130s and some find themselves more luxurious in C-17s in flying point of view. So considering all opinions, I would say for more hours, shorter deployments, more frequent tax-free months, and for super easy DFCs pilot would go for C-17. Commonly we see that the people who adored Hercules more than Globe master will merge C-5s work with C-17s that both does a same work. This is illogical argument on both in my thoughts Because If flyer want to do all the low-level tactical job, then all he has to do is go airdrop. When one may ask the Army then what they want from the AF? , They’ll tell you airlift, and when you ask them what air frame they want for airlift, I guarantee they will say the C-17. Ha-ha. It’s a genuine thing to consider that C-17 is a much more capable aircraft than either.

In professionals’ opinion, the largest distinction within the project is intra Vs inter-theater airlift. The C-17s will deliver stuff to and from the theater at the same time as Hercules are within the theater taking bullets and beans to the troops. Ha-ha. Moreover, For US pilot the largest pride in flying a Hercules is knowing that by using & taking the military’s stuff from town to town within the air, they don’t ought to risk getting blown up in a convoy. C-17s generally tend to go TDY greater delivery stuff within the US and round the arena. The Hercules takes it to the smaller fields once it gets to the main hubs. In experimental example, In C-130 concern, pilot may find himself self in more varied places inside the AOR. He simply might deploy to the AOR. He might be trained in airdrop; He will be a tactical airlifter. He will deploy a lot. While In C-17 concern, pilot will deployed to the degrees for 120 round every 2 years. He will fly tactical then, but while at domestic flying missions he will be greater strata. If he gets a slot, he will be skilled in airdrop. He may air refuel. Moreover, For Location/Per capita, we cannot beat the C-17 locations because C-130 locations are hard to tackle. Like everything else, there’s good and bad about an airplane. But In Conclusion, My personal analysis will end on the vote for C-17 Globe master.

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