Primary Education: Problems And Solutions

Primary Education- Problems And Solutions

Education is actually a combination of problems in our society. Primary education is not provided because there is lack of facilities and the main reason is overpopulation. Moreover, social evils, far off distance, child labour is playing a key role to devastate our generation. Children should be treated in a kind manner but teachers used to punish them in schools and the unhealthy environment is a parasite for the education system. The education word is not suitable for our learning system because there is no learning and methodology to insert into little brains. There is lack of coordination between private and government schools and the conditions are going worse day by day and there are no signs of improvement to be noted.

In achieving goals, universalization plays a key role. Financial barriers to getting the education in roads of poor families should be removed so that they run at constant speed in every field of life by providing those free books and education instead of garbage or any machinery. There should be healthy environment so that the children participate with eagerness in this learning step. The teachers must be able to cope all the challenges including the behavior of little flowers. Investment in lower class will certainly raise the status.

To achieve goals, policies should be clear enough. To meet the standards of modern education, the curriculum must be according to modern thinking. There should be equality in students of private and government schools to learn the same course. The standard of teaching must be according to National Professional Standards of Teachers. Accountability is much mattered important factor in maintaining the financial stability of institutions. There must be coordination with civil society and different organization to secure the rights of primary education. The dominant key to improve the education is medium of instruction which should be either in English or Urdu. Moreover, to get the attention of blooming flowers they should be given incentives in form of gift and food, especially to needy ones. Evaluation and monitoring system is important to improve the education standard either qualitative or quantitative. 40-45% of the total from education budget should be invested in primary education because primary education is important in giving shape to next generation. New primary schools should be established according to GPS system in far-off areas.

Strategies should be implemented in order to get results which includes regular attendance of students. There must be diversity in teaching process i.e. group discussion among children, self-study, distance education etc. To attract attention various steps like providing extra knowledge, motivation and concern matter. Critical stakeholders and supervisors along with teachers focus on the system. The improvement in the infrastructure should be according to priority bases. Sheltered less, overcrowded, dilapidated and the schools which lack the basic facilities like clean water. The future plan is needed for next 10 years that will compensate all the difficulties with coordination.

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